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Ampcamp Bootcamp

AMPCAMP - Eat Clean. Train Mean. Get Lean.


Our 6-week calorie-blasting AmpCamps will push through a plateau and tackle those last few pounds to further your physical and mental strength. Ready to kick your current regime into overdrive?

If you're currently active and looking to ... 

... then you're in the right place! 

Our AmpCamp programs are created for clients looking to improve their current fitness levels. Are you already a Fusion junkie and want to boost past a plateau? AmpCamp will Shock Your Body and show you ways to increase effectiveness in your workouts, educate you with nutrition advice on how and why clean eating is a huge factor to success, and provide support from instructors and other Amp'ers to take your body and mind to the next level.

Meet our AmpCamp instructors:

Jos coaches clients to tackle their fitness and nutrition with her “don’t talk about it, be about it” attitude. She motivates clients to dig deep, face the barriers of our minds and feel supported and able to make life-altering decisions to create change.

took her own success of losing 57 pounds to jumpstart her passion of leading clients on the same path to setting and reaching similar goals. Using her own weight loss season as inspiration, she understands the challenges and feelings involved in undergoing the journey of living healthy for life. 
AmpCamp provides ... 


1-2 weekly training sessions focused on intensity and effectiveness, plus a discounted studio membership and a 5-pack of Fusion Fly

Learn what it means to eat clean, why it increases results and how nutrition affects you physically and mentally

Increase self discipline to improve confidence and gain mental toughness to up your game and tackle the next goal in your life

AmpCamp is about more than losing weight. It's building relationships, surrounding yourself with goal-oriented women pushing each other to be their best, and contributing to a healthy community. More questions? Email Jos at or Shawna at

Our next sessions of AmpCamp will appear below - if you don't see one listed, that just means the next camp is coming soon!

Live outside of KC but still want to join us? Check out our GREAT IN 8 online 8-week fitness + nutrition program.

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