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Ampcamp Bootcamp



Eat Clean. Train Mean. Get Lean. Shedding those last 5-10 pounds can be a major challenge. With group accountability, nutrition advice & uber-tough workouts, those pounds don’t have a chance of sticking around. This 8-Week calorie-blasting camp will tackle what’s left and further your physical and mental strength. 

AmpCamp challenges those who are looking to lose weight, increase physical fitness and kick their current regime into overdrive. Amp Camp meets 1 time per week for an ultra intense & uplifting exercise session, and individual weekly weigh-ins will be done at the time of the class. Nutrition advice, meal ideas & counseling is a key component to this 8-week self-improvement retreat.  Also included is a week by week exercise plan. As you buckle down and slim up you will be supported by the Fusion Fitness team, as well as the team of peers that surround you at Amp Camp.
Our success stories are real women from around Kansas City who made the decision to dedicate 8 weeks to themselves. Not only was the scale affected, but more importantly their attitudes : making a commitment, setting a goal, and doing everything in your power to accomplish it can fuel a fire so bright you may be surprised what else it leads to.


Are you ready to look your best? Amp it up!





 loves sharing her genuine lifetime love of fitness and eating right – not only to keep a healthy body but stressing the importance of keeping these two things in check to get the most positive mindset possible for whatever goal we each have set before us. With her “don’t talk about it, be about it” attitude, her coaching motivates clients to reach deep inside and find whatever it takes to just do it. She is a wealth of knowledge and goes above and beyond – with two Amp Camps under her belt her smiling face will be with us for many more.


, our original WLBC alum, lost 57 pounds her first session and gained such personal success and achievment, her passion became apparent to help other people take the steps that she did. You can read her story here – she has led our WLBC and Amp Camps for the past three years and shares her love of a healthy lifestyle to help others find the same positive changes she’s experienced. She has had such success with her programs she’s expanded to include another instructor and with their coaching, is able to keep her reach far and wide in assisting women in one of the most important challenges they can choose to face.


 is also an alum of WLBC, rising to her own challenge throughout our camps and achieving such physical and mental success she felt it necessary to help others find their inner strength as well. She began assisting in WLBC, and now brings her “been there, done that” expertise to her own sessions of Amp. Clients love her honesty in sharing her own story, as well as her ability to kick major booty as she knows what it takes to get it done.

Our upcoming camps will be listed below if they are open for registration - click the "sign up" button for all of the details. If you do not see a camp listed, as soon as it is available for registration we will list below with details! Our regular 8-week AmpCamp is $199, which includes everything above. We also offer shorter or more frequently-meeting camps from time to time, ranging from 6 to 8 weeks, 1 to 2 times per week, and when those are available we'll list their prices and what they include, below as well. If you have any questions about AmpCamp, please do not hesitate to email Shawna at, Jos at or Regan at Thank you for your interest!

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