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Rush Hour - Cycle Class

This class is taught by:

Becca Parisi

“I love the fast paced, high intensity but very intentionally planned classes with no wasted time - the atmosphere is so fun and encouraging.”
A self-professed “cardio junkie,” Becca loves to bring the energy and get clients moving. “I like to jump in, get super sweaty, heart pounding, high intensity, energetic, fast paced, and “get it done” in one hour,” she says, and she’s not exaggerating. Clients love how her fitness fanatic side is rounded out with her positive attitude, always willing to stay and chat, sharing her continuing search for self acceptance and love that we are all searching for. “We aren’t defined by what we do (accomplishes or failures), by what we have or don’t have, or what others think about us. Fusion is full of encouragement to push ourselves further than we normally would - such a positive environment for challenge and growth!”

Kristin Brinkman

“The most exciting part of Fusion is meeting new people who are ready to change their lives - I want to pay it forward and let everyone know - you can do anything you want.”

Kristin’s Fusion journey started as a client in our Weight Loss Boot Camps. With over 100 pounds to lose she gave her entire heart to changing her life (“running through the finish line of my first triathlon while my son came up with his sign and ran through it with me was my most amazing moment”) - and now loves being a part of helping other women with similar goals. Her struggles, her accomplishments - she is an open book about it all and continues to reach out to women in our boot camps as well as teach her own Fusion Fly class- Kristin’s Journey Ride. Full of inspirational music to get hearts pumping and goal-setting in gear, clients get a weekly dose of knowing anything is possible - whether it’s a physical or mental challenge - with determination and making a choice to change.

Shawna Wright

“An energized room full of driven, goal oriented people working hard and sweating like crazy - it’s kind of like a giant dance party with the best music and the most fun people in the city.”
Our original Weight Loss Boot Camp’er, Shawna found out what she was capable of and couldn’t wait to share the experience with other women with similar goals. “The format in WLBC is completely based on individual improvement - this program (and Fusion in general) is so successful because we all WANT to be here. The clients, the instructors - we are all working on the same goals together. The more positivity and power we surround ourselves with, the better our success.” An awesome cheerleader and motivator, she focuses on why our health is so important and how we each deserve to get the most out of our lives, starting with taking care of ourselves. “During those 12 weeks of my WLBC years ago, Darby tricked me into running my first 10K and doing a Burn 1000 in the same day,” she laughs, “ but I was so amazed at how my body could perform. It was a moment that I realized, I really could accomplish anything. Just like strengthen our bodies, we also train our mind to overcome and be strong. That’s the key.”

Jodie Schnakenberg

“The community aspect of Fusion is far greater than anything I’ve experienced in this city - we support each other and pick each other up if we falter.”
Her boisterous & confident presence as an instructor comes from her years as a high school teacher - and we’re not quite sure where her other amazing energy comes from. Bringing the Pound workout to KC, she started with Fusion (“my original #poundposse”), and teaches at other studios throughout the city. Pound’s unique brand of “rock out workout” has clients use drumsticks to literally rock out (“I do not workout without music because that is simply blasphemy”), while they up their cardio endurance and build muscle tone. Jodie’s excitement over teaching a new track is infectious, and the hour flies by as she sings along, motivates clients to let loose and enjoy, and if we’re lucky, sometimes even throws in a few dance moves. “Fitness is a lifestyle, not a phase,” she explains, and her carefree passion of teaching Pound class never ceases to impress (the experience or the soreness the next day.)
Put the pedal to the medal for 45-minutes of pure sweat. Spike your heart rate & burn fat with climbs, sprints and jumps for a hardcore calorie burn and full body workout.

Upcoming classes:

  • Wed Jun 28 5:25 am - 6:15 am with Becca Parisi
    at Overland Park
  • Thu Jun 29 7:00 am - 7:45 am with Becca Parisi
    at Overland Park
  • Thu Jun 29 5:25 pm - 6:15 pm with Kristin Brinkman
    at Overland Park
  • Sat Jul 01 7:00 am - 7:45 am with Shawna Wright
    at Overland Park
  • Sat Jul 01 9:40 am - 10:25 am with Jodie Schnakenberg
    at Overland Park
  • Mon Jul 03 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm with Jodie Schnakenberg
    at Overland Park