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Fly With Your Guy

This class is taught by:

Alex Muesenfechter

“We live in a world that breeds such hostile competition among women - at Fusion, you find all of these amazing women that consistently build you up.”
Our own Ironman competitor, Alex has trained extensively in nutrition and endurance training and brings her love of challenging her own limits to clients at Fusion. Teaching regular classes as well as being involved in our Fusion Run program catering to long distance runners, Alex has the knowledge our clients need. She’s also passionate about educating the next generation, especially in city schools, about the importance of a healthy diet: “it benefits the entire community to ensure kids are offered their basic educational and nutritional needs.” As for her impressive Ironman experience - she plans to do another, craving more of the “self-discovery in realizing that I can push through my mental and physical challenges.”

Megan Zahner

Megan is thrilled to combine her two passions-- fitness and education—into one as she joins the Fusion team as a group instructor. Growing up cheering and competitively swimming in KC, Megan has incorporated health and fitness into her daily routine since a young age. Her strong work ethic, passion for health and big enthusiasm for fitness inspires her to push herself in daily Fusion classes as hard as she pushes and encourages her clients while teaching. Over the years, Megan has completed half-marathons and taken a number of group fitness classes, but never felt as pushed or satisfied with her workout as she does after taking a Fusion class. While living in Chicago for two years after graduating from the University of Kansas, Megan was able to experience a wide variety of fitness trends the city had to offer. However, she found herself constantly missing her Fusion classes in KC. Fusion’s upbeat music, confident instructors and total body workout hooked and reeled in Megan from the very beginning. She believes the classes are an amazing way to not only burn calories and build strength, but also have fun! While preparing for her wedding, Megan found that Fusion was the only workout that completely changed her body by improving strength, flexibility and leaning out- all in a one hour class.

Megan balances out her time at Fusion Fitness with her career as a 6th grade teacher at Prairie Elementary. As a longtime Fusionista, she is a firm believer and advocate of Fusion’s method. Megan’s high energy and enthusiasm are sure to get you motivated for a super sweaty workout!

Erica Creger

“I love how strong I feel punching, kicking, and sweating with a bunch of bad a$$ women!”
Erica is known for her intense, push-you-past-your-limits cardio classes - and she loves every minute of it. “There’s never been a time when I’ve walked out of the studio not feeling better than when I’d walked in - the energy, positivity, and overall awesomeness of our clients is contagious!” Whether its helping a newbie set-up for class or persuading a regular to jump higher or faster, Erica is ever-present and zips throughout the room busting out burpees right next to clients to keep them going. “I absolutely love our environment here of kindness, acceptance, and total support. It pushes me to want to be my best every single day.”

Liz Birch

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you - so keep pushing farther!”
From her famous “you chose to be here, now work hard!” prompts during class, to her loud & fun music and unique combinations - Liz brings her energy each time she steps in the studio to help clients work at their top level. As a mother of five girls she strives to provide a healthy example of nutrition and fitness - and how the power of physical activity creates a balance in our minds and bodies to live our best lives. “In my wildest dreams I never thought I would have 5 girls - raising them to be strong, healthy, independent and compassionate women - that is a beautiful challenge!”

Jacqui Beyer

Jacqui's dynamic personality and endless energy makes a perfect combo to lead a steller class. After her years as a Division 1 cheerleader for KU, Jacqui has impressively kept herself in amazing shape. A Fusionista at heart, she has been attending Fusion since we opened in 2008. Jacqui pays close attention to technique and muscular group sequencing, creating total muscle exhaustion in each of her classes. Her classes are especially amazing with her personal rad music mixes! Her attention to fine detail and endeavor for perfection is very apparent in her amazingly choreographed classes. Along with fusion, Jacqui loves to stay fit with a long run or big climb up a cliff! In her free time, this fitness pro loves to travel abroad, dance to techno jams, & educate herself about the latest information on nutritional living.

Becca Parisi

“I love the fast paced, high intensity but very intentionally planned classes with no wasted time - the atmosphere is so fun and encouraging.”
A self-professed “cardio junkie,” Becca loves to bring the energy and get clients moving. “I like to jump in, get super sweaty, heart pounding, high intensity, energetic, fast paced, and “get it done” in one hour,” she says, and she’s not exaggerating. Clients love how her fitness fanatic side is rounded out with her positive attitude, always willing to stay and chat, sharing her continuing search for self acceptance and love that we are all searching for. “We aren’t defined by what we do (accomplishes or failures), by what we have or don’t have, or what others think about us. Fusion is full of encouragement to push ourselves further than we normally would - such a positive environment for challenge and growth!”

Joscelyn Gann

“The Fusion community is such a rare find - our environment of support, encouragement and kindness is so incredibly special and has made my life so much richer.”
Hugely passionate about helping others find their own strength from the years she has spent building her own, Jos brings her heart and soul to every class and client. Her dedicating energy in classes and our AmpCamp program radiates her love of fitness as a way to challenge ourselves, be stronger than yesterday, and push past our self-made limitations. AmpCamp coaching close to her heart, she teaches clients about the importance of pushing through struggles - whatever they may be - coming out on the other side, she says, exposes our weaknesses, rips open battles scars we need to heal and forces us to be the very strongest that we can be. Jos stresses the importance of being grateful each day for our healthy bodies by taking care of them through fitness, nutrition, and self appreciation. “I firmly believe the strength and discipline cultivated in our studios translates to real life growth - fitness is about so much more than skinny jeans or a number on the scale.”

Leeze Gaudreau

“I love the sisterhood among instructors, staff & clients - there is honestly no better high than teaching a Fusion class.”
Leeze’s enthusiasm creates high energy classes set to the beat of the music and always a great combination of intense cardio with hard core toning. Radiating the positive vibes of the studio, you can always catch her smiling and giving individual attention to clients during class - making each person known and motivated. A client for many years gaining a longer and leaner physique, she couldn’t wait to offer her experiences to other women. “We’ve got one hour to ourselves when we get away from outside life...I make it worth it each time a client gives me that time!”

Betsy Ordonez

“I love using my creative side to plan music and movements that keep people going while adding a few surprises and maybe some laughs along the way.”

Betsy’s spin classes are planned with the goal of encouraging clients to give their all - from her fun music to her spunky southern charm, she gives a great workout with an extra dose of motivation to go forth and conquer - big or small feats. “I really like creating my classes to provide an empowering experience for clients,” helping them to see their strength in what it takes to get through an intense hour of Fusion Fly - and how it can be shown in other life challenges. “It is my job to encourage clients to be their best, but in all honesty, they give me such strength too and I love working in an environment that radiates good will - it’s wonderful to be surrounded daily by such a spirit of generosity.”

Susannah Sotos

“Being able to help clients reach towards their goals of being healthy is so incredibly rewarding.”
As a client for several years, Susannah loved the community of women she found at Fusion and has been happy to contribute her strength and encouragement to the family. Teaching Fly classes, she says, is the “icing on the cake...the energy here is just so infectious!” Whether she’s burning out the booty through hovers and climbs on the bikes or going all out with major cardio endurance drills, clients love her music and sequences to keep them sweating and working their hardest. “Being around people who are pushing themselves towards a healthier lifestyle is so inspiring, and I just love being a part of it.”

Francie Bradley

“No matter how blah I feel walking into the studio, within the first 5 minutes of class it’s as if my brain has been completely cleared of all negativity - Fusion is my therapy.”
“After having two kids I needed something to kick my body into gear, and I found it at Fusion,” she says, loving the opportunity every day to spread that same benefits to clients. Francie’s sense of humor creates a fun and confident environment to lead clients through challenging and creative sequences - she operates at top speed and enjoys motivating clients to push themselves harder than they think possible. “Not a day goes by that I leave the studio without having had a client impact my life in a positive way - Fusion is an adrenaline rush that sticks with you for the rest of the day.”
All good things make you sweaty. Burn hundreds of calories with your man starting with a 40 minute ride and ending with a 20 minute burnout of arms and abs. * Each participant needs to reserve a spot *