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Shawna Wright

“An energized room full of driven, goal oriented people working hard and sweating like crazy - it’s kind of like a giant dance party with the best music and the most fun people in the city.”
Our original Weight Loss Boot Camp’er, Shawna found out what she was capable of and couldn’t wait to share the experience with other women with similar goals. “The format in WLBC is completely based on individual improvement - this program (and Fusion in general) is so successful because we all WANT to be here. The clients, the instructors - we are all working on the same goals together. The more positivity and power we surround ourselves with, the better our success.” An awesome cheerleader and motivator, she focuses on why our health is so important and how we each deserve to get the most out of our lives, starting with taking care of ourselves. “During those 12 weeks of my WLBC years ago, Darby tricked me into running my first 10K and doing a Burn 1000 in the same day,” she laughs, “ but I was so amazed at how my body could perform. It was a moment that I realized, I really could accomplish anything. Just like strengthen our bodies, we also train our mind to overcome and be strong. That’s the key.”

Shawna Wright instructs the following:
  • Circuit BYB
  • Bring You Best Circuit will make your workout fly by! Beginner to advanced... it doesn't matter as long as you bring your very best to this hour! This group workout combines cardio intervals, circuit stations and toning sequences to leave you feeling fit and strong! Bring a friend, bring a towel and bring your A-game, this workout is a blast!

  • The Up Side - Cycle Class
  • Fly through the first 40 minutes of class with sprints, climbs, and jumps on your bike. Then sculpt your upper body with a killer 20 minute arms and abs burnout. You'll be riding high all day.