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Katie Moreland

“To see our Fusion community of women making such positive changes, both physical and mental, and to be a part of this amazing group - is hard to put into words.”
Focusing her classes on making the hour the most beneficial for every body in the room, Katie’s enthusiasm digs deep and her body inspires those last few reps. A mom of three (“nothing in the world can compare to the strength and power of a woman giving birth”), Katie is passionate about helping the next generation of girls focus on loving themselves and being healthy. Aside from regular killer classes, Katie also created Fusion Fierce - a Fusion class designed for tween girls. Inspiring them each week with a fun workout and positive conversations, her sunshine smiles radiate throughout our studios.

Katie Moreland instructs the following:
  • All Abs
  • Your core will thank you for this dedicated ab sweat session! A full workout, just for your abs will leave you feeling fit, strong and fabulous around your waistline!
    The form, cues and techniques you learn in this class will help you maximize your arm workouts in all Fusion Fitness classes.

  • Bikini Boot Camp - wear sneakers
  • Punch, kick and burn your way through this hot and sweaty class. Throw down 30 minutes of heart-pumping cardio followed by 30 minutes of technique-driven toning.

  • Fusion 101
  • This is Fusion at its finest, our original creation, and our fundamental class for our entire approach to shock your body. This class will make you burn and make you sweat but you will be totally focused on form and technique. Become familiar with our fundamental workout moves. Great class for beginners but not to be underestimated by our vets.

  • Cardio 101 - wear sneakers
  • Make the most out of your cardio in this 45 minute power workout. This class will combine low and high impact exercises to challenge your heart rate and to achieve muscle burn out.

  • Butt Camp - wear sneakers
  • BUM, TUSH, BACKYARD, RUMP SHAKER, BOOTY, TAIL, TRUNK.. whatever you call it...If you want your backside to turn heads, plan on being at this class!

    The form, cues and techniques you learn in this class will help you maximize your glute workouts in all Fusion Fitness classes.