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Jenny Muntzel

“I love being surrounded by people so passionate about working hard and reaching their goals at Fusion.”
Jenny’s sweet demeanor is all business as soon as the music starts - her classes are full of fun sequences that keep the focus on concentration and form rather than how hard hearts are beating and sweat is dripping. True to our intense Fusion style, she loves “to see a room full of women working their butt’s off,” and is continually encouraged by the dedication of clients. “Barre brings me back to my days of dance,” she says, and feels grateful for her days of endurance training and that now her body is able to be challenged on a regular basis. Fitness to her is “such an amazing gift,” and she is happy to be able to share it with clients and the Fusion family.

Jenny Muntzel instructs the following:
  • Happy Hour - Instructor's Choice Wear Sneakers
  • Get your sweat on before you kick off the weekend with a 45 minute all-in-workout! Wear your sneakers and be ready to make 45 minutes count! You can count on a cardio and toning combo that will start your weekend off right!

  • Fusion Express
  • This powerful, quick-paced body sculpting class rapidly transitions through targeted sequences to elongate and tone your entire body. Our original creation, this class upholds high standards to challenge you beyond your limits!  At only 45 minutes, this class has been shortened in time - but not in results!