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Chelsea Schmidt

Chelsea Schmidt instructs the following:
  • Thursday Theme Ride - Cycle Class
  • Theme Ride Thursday!!  Join us for 45 minutes of fun on the bike.  Each week has a new theme to keep your tunes fresh and your muscles tight!!  See the theme for each week below:
    Thursday, August 16th
    Summer Rewind!
    School is back in session and we are heating it up with all of your favorite 2018 summer hits!
    Thursday, August 23rd - 
    Slay Your Day
    Need a productivity boost?  This ride is sure to light your fire so you can feel confident and productive all day long!
    Thursday, August 30th - 
    It's Chelsea's birthday, and she is not ashamed to throw herself a bash!  She is playing all her faves and it is sure to be a PAR-TAY!!

  • Rush Hour - Cycle Class
  • Put the pedal to the medal for 45-minutes of pure sweat. Spike your heart rate & burn fat with climbs, sprints and jumps for a hardcore calorie burn and full body workout.