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"I love using my creative side to plan music and movements that keep people going while adding a few surprises and maybe some laughs along the way."

Betsy’s spin classes are planned with the goal of encouraging clients to give their all - from her fun music to her spunky southern charm, she gives a great workout with an extra dose of motivation to go forth and conquer - big or small feats.  “I really like creating my classes to provide an empowering experience for clients,” helping them to see their strength in what it takes to get through an intense hour of Fusion Fly - and how it can be shown in other life challenges. “It is my job to encourage clients to be their best, but in all honesty, they give me such strength too and I love working in an environment that radiates good will - it’s wonderful to be surrounded daily by such a spirit of generosity.”

Favorite Place on Earth?

Beautifully set table filled with laughing family & friends


Guilty Pleasure?

Isn't that supposed to be a secret?



In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer - Albert Camus


Current Favorite Jam?

I'm from Memphis - you can't go wrong with Al Green