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Cheers to Juicing!

The idea is simple; to consume just the juice of raw fruits and vegetables, eliminating the flesh of the produce so the body does not actually have break down the fiber and go through the process of digestion. Read More

Instructor Spotlight: Shawna Wright

Shawna grew up here in KC "super active" as she describes it, playing at least one sport every season. The idea of focusing on nutrition and burning calories was not high on her priority list, like most teenagers, especially because her level of activity kept her fit. However, when the college years came, she was shocked when what most dub the "freshman fifteen" hit her and just kept coming. Read More

Client Spotlight: Laurie Morrissey

Looking around a typical Fusion class, I'm always wondering about the women around me. We all share the same hard-working, determined bond as we push our way through an hour and congratulate each other as we wipe the sweat from our faces and mats when it's all over. Read More

Instructor Spotlight: Amy Hodes

Of course on top of that she has a fun, motivating way of teaching and can even crack a joke that gets us to laugh when our faces are scrunched in all sorts of crazy as we beg for the final countdown. Being that she’s also a certified Spin and Level 1 Yogafit instructor, she’s helped all types of women push themselves to better their bodies and minds. Read More

'Daily Distraction's: Molly's First Fusion

People are always talking about Fusion! Check out this post from Daily Distractions blogger Molly as she experiences her first class... Read More


Client Spotlight: Emily Baldwin

This month we’re focusing our attention on Emily Baldwin. You may recognize her from her red hair or her bright blue pants she sports once in a while, and if you’ve worked on your Dream Body, you have seen her in that sweat-tastic video. Read More

Why Do You Go to Fusion, Mom?

Here at Fusion we all know the many benefits of keeping fitness a priority. Weight loss, building lean muscle, and those sweet, sweet endorphins keep us coming back for more even when we sweat more in an hour than during the rest of the 106 degree days we’ve been having. Read More

Instructor Spotlight: Brooke Degnan

This month we are sitting down with Fusion Instructor Brooke Degnan. The phrase "awww my abs" has come from most of our mouths the morning after her classes, as she loves training the core and has the sleek tummy to prove it. Read More

Two Belles Fitness Reviews the Dream Body Workout

"This is a super unique fusion workout that will work your muscles & spike your heart rate." Read More


Go Ahead, Booze it Up! (Sometimes)

So when faced with choosing between kicking our feet up after a long day with a glass of wine or sporting rock-hard abs, many of us choose the wine simply because it feels good. (And who has rock-hard abs anyway? Okay... Brooke, Darby, Becca,.. okay ALL of the Fusion Instructors, but they have them for a living, darn it!) Read More