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Stretch Yourself Calm

Ahh, the end of class at Fusion. Not a lot of things come close to the feelings of release and pride I feel when the light switches flip off and we are allowed to hug our knees into our bodies, dripping with sweat and exhaling loud sighs of sweet relief. Read More

Mind Over Matter

Here at Fusion we are constantly reminded of the phrase, but in my perceived exhaustion I’m always thinking “f* it I’m done!” rather than trying to harness the power of my brain when I feel like I’m dying. But it got me thinking, the instructors say it so much that they must really believe it and use it themselves. Read More

Instructor Spotlight: Pam Curry

This month we are featuring our long and lean Pam Curry—a fitness instructor with 20+ years of experience, she’s seen it all from the Jane Fonda days to cycling and step. Luckily for us, she found Fusion and she’s here to stay. Get the deets on Pam from how she stays healthy to why she’s so darn sweet. Read More

Skinny Mom Names us Top 7 Fusion Workouts

Skinny Mom, a community of bloggers featuring the best in fitness and nutrition, made their list of the Top 7 Fusion Workouts in the nation--and we made the cut--right next to some pretty big ones like Soul Cycle and Turbo Kick. Read More


Shape Features Dream Body!

Check out our recent shout-out on "butt-kicking classes that have taken the midwest by storm" were named one of the 15 Best Boutique Workouts in the nation! Read More


HIIT it Hard at Fusion

We know you love it when we Shock Your Body--and we love it so much that we're constantly researching the newest and most effective trends in the fitness world to do just that. With all of our recent class additions, its important to us that you guys--our amazing Fusionistas--know exactly what we're up to, and why we are continually evolving to regularly add workshops and new classes. Read More

WLBC Rock Stars Weigh In

With each new success story we keep gaining more -- plus we have clients doubling, even tripling up on their WLBC sessions -- with a handful of ladies losing over 100 pounds each. We cannot express the surprise, gratitude, and sense of pride we get from posting each of these -- but there is so much more to them than the pretty little 'before & after' pics and stats we get to share and brag about. Read More

Amp Camp Finishes Strong!

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen." --Michael Jordan Read More

Client Spotlight: Mari Platt

Her body is inspiring, her commitment to her health motivating, and the fact that she has five kids is an amazing feat in and of itself, much less the banging body to go with it. I sat down to talk with her about why she chooses Fusion as her place of solace and how she finds the time keep her health as a top priority. Read More

My Own Balance Fitness Blog: "Some of the best classes I've ever done!"

From "super challenging and fun" to "I was literally dripping in sweat," she tried all 5 and recommends them all! Read More