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Fresh Foods for Your Summer Bod

To inspire you a little more, here's a look at what's in season, how to prepare it in healthy and delish ways, and why it's important to shop locally for what's in season. Read More

Play it Safe in the Sun

The American Cancer Society is spreading the phrase "slip, slop, slap, and wrap" to help us remember the best ways to avoid UV rays. I know it sounds like an education of how to avoid something else, lol, but it breaks down like this... Read More

Client Spotlight: Alicia Sacramone

There’s this girl who works out at Fusion--you may have noticed her by her toned physique, her pretty posture and form during class that points to years of previous training, and oh ya, the Olympics tattoo on the back of her neck. This month we are featuring our very own Olympics gymnast--something that can inspire and even intimidate--and show that Fusion passes the test with, you know, Olympians. Read More

Sweat is a Good Thing!

But this is all a good thing, because sweating is good for you, and that's why we like to make you do it so darn much. We hear the complaints: "it's too hot!" "it's too sweaty!" "I'm too hungover to be sweating this much!" We appreciate your honesty, we really do, but to it we say, "you're here to sweat!" "start sweating!" and "sweat out your booze!" Read More

10 Ideas to Re-Examine Your Food Relationship

Accept YOURSELF and celebrate what makes you unique -- maybe you don't have the flattest tummy (and it's covered in stretch marks from your two beautiful kids) or maybe your sweaty thighs rub together when you wear shorts in the summer, or maybe your ass is covered in cellulite. Your arms may jiggle. Your muffin top may protrude over your Lulu pants. But dammit, you rock what you've got, because life is short and obsessing about the little things is nothing but a loser's game, because if you look hard enough you'll always find something to complain about. Read More

Spotlight on our Registered Dietician: Michelle Whitmore

At Fusion you know we love to Shock Your Body, but we also stress the importance of doing it the right way - there isn't a magic pill or detailed equation to losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle - high intensity workouts coupled with eating clean, nutritious foods are the most efficient ways to see lasting results. Read More

Fusion Bump Featured on Pregnancy Blog 'Bump It Up Style'

Amy Tara Koch, style expert, featured Fusion Bump on her pregnancy chic blog Bump It Up Style, saying our "uniquely designed" workout and Booty Bag will "create a total home workout system" perfect for preggos. Read More


Sunday Magic Happening at Fusion!

This morning at Overland Park we had a lot going on that really made me want to jump for joy about how amazing Fusion Fitness is for Kansas City. Read More

Michelle Whitmore on Eating Less Sugar

id you know one can of Coke has more sugar than you're supposed to have all day? Read below for a special blog post from Michelle Whitmore, our Registered Dietician for our Weight Loss & Amp Camps, and offering nutrition consultations for Fusion clients. Read More

WLBC 8-Week Blast - Blasted the Pounds Away!

Can you believe another Weight Loss Boot Camp has already come to an end? (I bet our WLBC'ers can!) We have the results, and if you haven't seen enough yet, they're always AMAZING! Read More