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'Biggest Loser' Bombshell Jillian Michaels Talks with Fusion Fitness

Not only has she turned her name into a name brand with DVDs, books, health supplements, fitness gear, podcasts, and a slew of other products aimed at improving people’s health, but she does all this with passion and a genuine desire to change the lives of her clients and fans. Her tale of finding the inner strength to overcome being treated like a “loser and token fat kid” when she started martial arts classes gives her a been-there-done-that credibility and the deep desire to influence others to the same epiphany of self-worth. Read More


Lions and Tigers and Calories, Oh My!

With Halloween quickly approaching, strolling through Target sipping our pumpkin lattes inevitably leads us to the colorful aisles of costumes, decorations, and ROWS of candy. Along with all the new fragrances of Glade PlugIns in our carts, fall just seems the perfect time to buy an XL bag of mini Snickers, right? Read More