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WLBC 6-Week Slam Results!

We're tallying up the end of another empowering round of Weight Loss Boot Camp! These four women were part of our 6-week WLBC Blast and we love celebrating the changes they've made in less than two months!! Read More

All About AustieStrong!

We're gearing up for the Third Annual AustieStrong Golf Tournament on Friday August 14th 2015! We've been posting all over social media, so we thought we'd take a minute to talk more about it and tell you why it's a cause so dear to our hearts! Plus we want to tell you about the best silent auction items EVER - you can now bid right from your phone even if you can't make the tourney. Read More

Instructor Spotlight: Alex Muesenfechter

Alex has been with us for quite some time, shocking bodies before kids, through her first pregnancy and looking forward to welcoming a little sister in September - 2 years behind big brother Charles. Born in Brussels, Belgium and raised all over the world (including Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of the Congo!), our world traveler has got the brains (did we mention she's a lawyer?) and the bronze (aside from a Fusionista she's also an Ironman competitor). She's the full package, and we're lucky to have her! Read More

Weight Loss Boot Camp Results - Congrats!

Our WLBC'ers, once again, are celebrating their victories! 8 weeks not only brought the scales down, but most importantly, gave these women a new look at themselves! Read More

Fusion Fitness in Skinny Mom's Summer of Awesome!

Skinny Mom is such a fun site to get ideas & inspiration! Read More


Favorite Recipes from Fusion Instructors!

We know there's plenty of online sources for healthy & delish recipes, but we know you guys love to see what your favorite instructors are eating for dinner - so here you go! Favorite summer recipes with some great ideas for snacks too... and we'll be adding more to this list throughout the seasons! Read More

Instructors Hack Their Favorite Calorie Bombs

Read about our instructor's favorite ways to hack whatever calorie bomb is tempting them... and get ideas on how to find and keep that sweet balance between "Treat yo'self" and "Omg what have I done?!" Read More

Client Spotlight: Stacy Phelan

We're putting our May spotlight on Stacy Phelan - a client for over 5 years and an inspiration to those around her - we wanted to know what keeps her coming back to Fusion, and what's up with this 2-for-Tuesdays trend she's started to inspire us? Read More

Mamavation Loves Dream Body Cardio Series

We love this review of Dream Body Cardio Series from coach Joanna Liberty, a member of the "Mamavation Sistahood" of women gathering online to support each other, share what works, and provide a place for women to unite. Read More


#30in30 Reasons to Shock Your Body

We recently challenged clients to our twice a year #30in30: take 30 classes in 30 days and we'll reward you with various prizes (plus, of course, the MAIN prize of feeling amazing and proud for attacking such an awesome goal.) Read More