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Owner Darby Brender on Channel 41 News: Why I Started Fusion Fitness

Check out Darby’s interview with Cynthia Newsome of KSHB Kansas City – how Fusion was born and why it’s so successful! Read More


Shock Your Booty at Fusion Fly

Kansas City has already been blessed with the funkiest fitness studio in the Midwest (WITH childcare, which I always stress) - and now KC is lucking out once again with a spin studio in the same category of the ones you'd experience on either coast. Read More

AmpCamp & WLBC Results!

Congrats to our recent AmpCampers on 8 weeks of sweat & hard work! Check out these 3 ladies & get inspired to start your own session - new Amps starting soon! Read More

Fusion Instructors on "Healthy" Fast Food

With the start of school and back to routine, we know all of you have dusted off your meal planners, spent half of a paycheck at Costco and are ready to go with healthy dinners, lunches for the kids and even the valiant goal of making hot breakfast twice a week. Right? Read More

Fusion Instructors On...Avoiding the Fat-Cation!

As if coming home from vacation isn't hard enough, who wants to deal with a big ol' bloated belly from a week of overindulgence sans exercise? Read More

WLBC Circle Continues - Graduates Welcoming Newbies!

Our amazing circle of Weight Loss Boot Camps continues again this week with the closing of our special 6-week WLBC Blast and the start of our Fall 12-week session! Read More

Instructor Spotlight: Francie Bradley

This month we get up close with Francie Bradley - I've heard her referred to as "the super-model-looking-instructor," "Amy's sister," "the funny instructor,"... but however you know her, you know she's always smiling, always cracking a joke, and always kicking our buns. Read More

Instructor Fave Beauty Products

So we asked our instructors what their top five favorite products are to keep them on the go from studio to life as quickly as possible! Plus we asked, what song right now makes you want to get up and sweat? Read More

Corbin Park FAQs

Our Corbin Park studio has been packed with new and existing clients, and we just love bringing our positive & supportive Fusionista community to South OP! Check out our CP FAQs and if you can’t find your answer here, email us at! Read More

Amp Up Your New Year!

Our Amp Camps give RESULTS! Check out these four strong & determined women who completed our last Regan and Jos Amp sessions – our Amp’ers worked hard for eight weeks and learned how to incorporate the program into their lives – making a lifestyle change rather than just looking at it as a quick fix. We don’t restrict you to water and lemons, we don’t work you to the bone for hours a day, and we know and emphasize that moderation is key – nothing is off limits and life can still be lived! Read More