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Dream Body Cardio Series Making France Sweat!

Yep, over 4,500 miles away, Diane is sweating to our Dream Body Cardio Series, calling it “one of the most high energy, effective and versatile workouts I’ve ever done.” And this is coming from a fitness enthusiast and DVD lover!

She does a detailed & entertaining review of each of the five Cardio Series DVDs – plus points out that whether you’re better at (or prefer) cardio or toning, our workouts “will force you to work on your weak points.”

We love her honesty & humor and have to admit, we’re just a teeny bit (or way more) jealous of her romantic ex-pat life in France! She blogs about more than fitness so if you’re in la-la-love with the idea of living there, read on and enjoy living vicariously through her eyes.

Read her full post here!