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#30in30 Reasons to Shock Your Body

We recently challenged clients to our twice a year #30in30: take 30 classes in 30 days and we'll reward you with various prizes (plus, of course, the MAIN prize of feeling amazing and proud for attacking such an awesome goal.) This month's "April Classes Bring May Asses" promised a sweet new tank (with the coveted #30in30 logo) plus a 5pack of Fusion Fly spin classes - and we were blown away to have 99 women complete at least 30! We say at least because we had some ladies get close to FORTY. That's a lot of effort, determined spirit, and major sweat. To celebrate, check out some of their beautiful, smiling faces...and some of the reasons they chose to take and make this challenge their own. IMG_2141   I decided to commit myself to the #30in30 challenge because April was shaping up to be a busy, stressful month. Fusion always sets my day on a positive, strong note and gives me a sense of gratitude - for health, strength & community. Completing this challenge not only made me stronger physically (holy triceps!), but also mentally. The energy in a Fusion class - even at 5:45 am! - is addicting and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be apart of it. - Lauren Z I am a newbie to the Fusion world, starting my second week with the #30in30 challenge. I was sore, limping and struggled to do the simple things (like sit down...and then stand up). My motivation was myself- I needed to do something for me and only me. In my line of work and volunteering, I am always helping others and found myself losing interest in, The challenge was difficult, requiring physical and mental strength to get up and go to classes in the morning, and then after work. I may have developed tendonitis in both of my knees, but gosh darnit I did it! I took my first day off when it was over and found myself missing the intensity and rush from the class. Needless to say, I'm excited to get back after it! I am so grateful for all that Fusion has brought to me (even though I've only done it for 6 weeks). I feel better about myself- mentally, physically and have an overall increase in my confidence. Starting off my mornings with Fusion is what keeps me going throughout the day. I am going to continue to work on my health, fitness and wellness every single day-- all thanks to Fusion! - Anna S I've been working out at Fusion for years now, but have never attempted the 30 in 30 challenge. I thought of every excuse under the sun: I'm too busy; It's probably too hard on my body; I'm not strong enough; It will make me tired. At the beginning of April, I turned 28 and decided I was going to dedicate this next year of life to feeling and looking my best. I figured accomplishing the 30 in 30 challenge would be a great start to achieving this goal. My biggest challenge was doubling up on days that I had to miss or finding energy to workout after a rough day. Being able to attack this challenge with friends and realizing how much better I felt after a workout really helped me to keep going. Now I know what my body is capable of and I can't wait to keep working towards my next goal. - Melissa C As for what motivated me to do the 30 in 30 challenge - the free spin classes! I have found spinning to be a great addition to the other Fusion classes. It consistently provides both a challenging workout and that beloved "spinner's high!" I always feel empowered, energized, and equipped for what the day will bring when I get off the bike. Thanks, Fusion, for providing the perfect motivation this 30 in 30! - Meggan P I loved seeing my workout buddies more and the challenge encouraged me to try different classes and instructors.   - Melanie G Who can’t use a little extra motivation to get it tight & right before swimsuit season, right? - Cassie H My two reasons - my kiddos! They are a huge reason why I stayed motivated. I want them to see a mom who takes care of herself and values fitness in the hopes that they also take care of themselves in the future. Thank you for providing challenges such as this! It was so fun and rewarding to push myself. Fusion is like no other workout - after 6 months, I am obsessed. It is the perfect start, and sometimes end, to my day! - Megan R I have come to enjoy Fusion Fitness for the challenge that it provides me. Class is ALWAYS hard and when I am done I ALWAYS feel better than when I started, not matter how tired I am. That simple joy keeps me motivated to participate in a challenge such as #30in30. I also live by the motto "If you CAN'T, you MUST" - which is a no excuse policy to keep myself going. - Mallika E I always enjoy a challenge or competition so I was excited and determined to do the #30in30. I thought that I was in good shape before coming to Fusion, but it has completely changed my fitness. It is inspiring and always challenging. I know that it will be a worthwhile workout and I will feel better after going than I do before. I just feel so fortunate to have such an amazing place to workout. I tell anyone who will listen about it!  - Lindsay V I began attending Fusion on New Year's Eve, just a few months ago. I had always heard wonderful things from friends who went, and parents and teachers from the school I work at, but didn't know if I had what it took to keep up and had never found a workout regimen that stuck with me. I quickly found out that the energy, enthusiasm, and encouragement not just from the staff and instructors, but from fellow Fusion-goers, is contagious! Despite a busy April, including traveling for Easter, baby-sitting overnight, and traveling again to see friends, I stuck with the #30in30 challenge because everyone I spoke to at Fusion about it made me feel that I could, and they were right! Their faith in me, and other women there, is so powerful and uplifting. I'm confident these past few months, and #30in30, is just the beginning of a fun, long-term relationship with such a great organization! - Alex Y I enjoyed the challenge. It's nice to have someone push and encourage me, more  than I would if I were to work out alone. Every class was hard, different and an accomplishment when finished:) - Meredith M The instructors at Fusion create a FUN, positive, motivating, & all around kick ass environment!!! There is no other work out in KC that will energize you, keep you fit and give the sweaty sisterhood support. And keep you coming back for more! Thank you thank you Fusion fitness for giving the opportunity to make me the best I can be. I'm obsessed in the best way, it's my happy place!!!! I have hit fitness goals, become healthier, lost weight and met amazing girlfriends all along the way! - Kristine H As far as I the reason I wanted to do 30 in 30... Last year I had a PE and infarcted my lung... My lung literally had a heart attack. I was also anemic after taking Xeralto. I was tired. So unhappy with my body. Then I finished grad school to be a nurse practitioner. I was working full time all through grad school as an RN transitioning to be an NP. I felt so drained. Last November I missed the 30 in 30 by one or two workouts - this time I wanted to prove to myself I could do it. Over the past year or so my body has been through so much. I am finally feeling healthy again. I am feeling strong again. I wanted to conquer this challenge. Through struggle comes strength. I have learned to love my body for all that it can do. I have struggled with a positive self body image since my teenage years - Now I embrace my body for all that it can do. I love my curves. My muscles. I am happy. I am beautiful. I am strong. This challenge was what I needed at the right time. - Lindsay M I started out doing the #30in30 to just prove it to myself I could actually do it - but then a big shock happened in my family and my parents separated. It was very hard to continue to do the #30in30 with all of the hard days that were coming but Fusion was my sanity and my joy and what I could control. It gave me the strength and the endorphins I needed! It really got me through April so I just want to thank Fusion!  I have no idea what I did without it in the past! I can't imagine doing anything else now...I'm definitely addicted :) - Aubrey H I wanted to try this challenge to see if I could do 30 Fusion classes in 30 days - I've been going to Fusion for 3 years, usually going to 2-3 classes per week. I did an AmpCamp and even though I was working out 7-9 times per week during the camp, at least a few workouts each week were less intense than the typical Fusion class. I always wondered how hard it would be to do it. My biggest challenge was trying to schedule the classes. Being a wife and mother and working full time sometimes made it hard to fit in the workouts. Some days I had to double up (a new experience for me!) in order to get all the workouts done. I felt so fantastic on Wednesday the 29th - a day early!- when I finished my 30th class that I had to share with my instructor! I took a few days off but then capped off the month with a 5k! - Shelly O Over the past several years, I would set exercise goals for myself and would never meet them. No wonder, I absolutely hated to exercise. The only way I would do it is by paying a trainer 3-4 times a week. Well that got expensive and I wasn't seeing my body change in the direction I wanted it to change. After my first two classes at Fusion back in February, I was hooked. I signed up for 12 months. When the 30/30 was announced, I knew I could accomplish this goal because I was absolutely loving this place and seeing results. Thank you to Pam. When I tentatively walked into Corbin Park to investigate, we chatted and she promised I would love Fusion. She gave me a free pass and invited me to her class the next day. Needless to say, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Annie told me it would get better, so I kept coming back! That's my story and I'm sticking to it! - Deb B Why did I do it?---Because I could!!!! - Willa R When 30in30 was announced, my friends and sisters set a goal to accomplish this tough challenge. Throughout the 30 days, frequent group text messages were sent to encourage each other along with a selfie to "prove it". My sister Kellye (who was a frequent FF member before she moved to western Kansas) was participating from afar in front of her FF videos! We all accomplished our goal and had a lot of fun doing it as well! - Courtney M We left for a beach trip on April 30th, and I was determined to wear a two piece for the first time since having kids :) Seems shallow to some, but I am ready to reclaim my body after years of pregnancy and nursing...and this 30 in 30 was a good way to jumpstart it :) I love Fusion, and all of you ladies!! Thanks for all you do!! - Allyson C I chose to do it because I knew I was capable and wanted to set a goal for myself. I also knew the instructors I routinely see at class would be supportive. I love Fusion and can't say enough good things about it. I travel often and when I'm out of KC I find myself craving the Fusion sweat that I'm missing. - Whitney J My whole year has been about creating new, healthy habits. I can tell a difference in how I feel on the days I go versus the days I don't. Despite getting up before 5 am, I have more energy throughout the day and feel more accomplished than if I had slept in. The #30in30 has definitely created a new habit for me! - Kelsey M I started Fusion 2 years ago after I had 2 babies within 15 months. I honestly needed an hour alone that included daycare where I could just get a quick workout in and move on with the rest of my day.  Little did I know I was embarking on a life changing journey, a change that was deep both mentally and physically. At the age of 38 I am in the best shape of my life and more centered and connected with a community I ever would have expected.    To be completely honest, I do what I do mostly for my two young girls and my fourteen year old step daughter. I want them to grow up understanding the importance of maintaining a healthy life and most importantly - being a strong women which includes exercising, food choices, making time for yourself a priority and surrounding yourself with kind people. More time than often I show up at school events sweaty from a class and spend most days in workout clothes but I always make sure they know I can fit as much as possible (with them most importantly!) This is my 4th #30in30 and every time I thoroughly enjoy the challenge. Getting all classes in logistically is the main challenge, because each class is filled with such motivation it's hard to not want to keep showing up! The instructors and staff make showing up worth every minute!   - Shaia D Fusion is without a doubt my #1 happy place (even at 5:30 am). I've learned to appreciate my body for all of the things it allows me to do in my life. Each class is challenging and forces me to step outside of my comfort zone, but that's where I've learned just how strong I am and everything I'm capable of achieving. Fusion is such a unique place with its loud and upbeat music (especially Darby and Amy P's mixes), class variety, motivating instructors and motto of "no excuses" and "go big or go home" that keeps me coming back for more every day. - Megan M Working out at Fusion is my happy place, helps me keep a positive attitude and be grateful. My personal mantra is to live every day to the fullest and 'get busy livin' (quote from the Dylan Meyer Foundation) - and Fusion, it's a-mazing instructors and the community help me achieve that. - Ashley L My picture is of me and my FFL (Fusion Friend for Life - we met at WLBC in 2013 and still go to Fusion classes together) Jasmine after one of Sadie's Friday 5:30am Sweat Lab classes. We were sweaty and delirious and so happy to have finished the class without throwing up - always a bonus ;) I started the last week of April with something like ten classes to finish the 30 in 30. But I set the goal and I finished it! "She believed she could, so she did." Love, love, love Fusion! - Rebecca B


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