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SOS: Sweat Off Summer!

Fusion Fitness loves to keep you motivated - we are always on the move to find the best new ways to Shock Your Body, challenge your heart & soul and encourage you to strive to be your strongest, best self.

This week we’re calling out an SOS: time to Sweat Off Summer! September 1st is all about gearing up for fall and getting back into the grind of school, work, and goals! Here are 5 ways you can organize your thoughts, make a plan and get to #werk:

SET SPECIFIC GOALSfusionapril2016-179

How are you going attack September? Create a list of what you want to accomplish with actual items you can check off - and schedule your workouts. Make it a point to add a new class or instructor each week to challenge your muscles (check out our list of cool September workshops here). Treat your goals and workouts like other appointments in your week and just do them.


Plan your meals and hit the grocery store for the entire week on Sundays - you will be shocked at how much it will impact your time, budget and calories. Try a new recipe, add in a few different veggies and while you’re at it, plan to limit your alcohol (a good rule of thumb is to cut it out Sunday - Thursday.) Check out some of our favorite instructor recipes here


You simply must get enough sleep if you want to feel good (and look good according to this great article from Shape about how sleep affects your body.) 
fusionapril2016-192AArianna Huffington writes about the profound consequences of too little z’s in her new book The Sleep Revolution- crediting the rest we give to our body as they key to a happier, more productive and healthy life. We get in the habit of wanting to unwind at night and treat ourselves to mindless TV or glasses of wine - but the relaxation we’re all craving will actually come from letting your body sleep for 8-10 hours every night. Think about other helpful ways to increase your zen throughout the day too - meditation, gratitude journals, yoga, get the idea.


Make a promise to yourself that September is your time to pull up your big girl panties and force yourself to do what you say you will do (and reap the hefty dose of self-confidence that will come with it!) This might mean missing a Happy Hour social event (or passing on the booze offered), working out whenever you can fit it in even if it's not your ideal hour, or shutting off your phone at night to get 30 extra minutes of sleep instead of social media suffering. Hold yourself accountable to your goals, don’t give in even when temptation feels oh-so-good, and give yourself the respect you deserve.


Make sure to reflect on your goals each week, look back at what you accomplished (the good and the bad), and focus on how your mind and body feel when you work hard. Consider creative ways to reward yourself that won't throw you off track, such as an hour of alone time, a walk with a friend or a Sunday afternoon nap! Give yourself a high five for the little things that continually create the environment for goal-crushing - after all, any major success is a thousand tiny steps put together.


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