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Fusion Fitness Cocktails Under 100 Cals!

blind melonYou guys, it's Friday Jr., and we know the thought has popped into your mind already - 5:00 is comin' in hot and the cocktails are calling your name. But before you get too loco, keep in mind that most mixed drinks at the bar can pack 200+ calories per drink - yikes - add in the bar food and your goose is cooked! PLUS - all of the added sugar & artificial flavors actually increase your chances of a nasty hangover - so that right there is reason enough to go as au naturel as you can.

Here are our favorite cocktails that follow our golden rule of *no sugary mixers* and are not only under 100 cals each, but they're also fun to make and pretty to sip on. 
Darby's Hard Lemonade

Pour these into a hand mixer:

1 shot Tito's vodka
Fresh juice of 1 lemon
4 shots of water (no bubbles)
1 heaping scoop of crushed ice
Shake the $hit out of it, pour into a cute glass, and garnish with a lemon slice & mint sprig.
Yummy, darling!

Big Baller Shot Caller

1 shot Patron Silver Teqilla
5 oz. Grapefruit HI-Ball zero calorie drink
1 squeeze of lime juice
Mix well & serve on the rocks - you'll be buzzing!

Blind Melon

1 shot Hendricks Gin
4 shots melon juice (below)
Serve over a cup full of shaved ice
This is high maintenance & highly enjoyable.

Melon Juice:

In food processor liquefy 5 cups chopped watermelon (sans seeds). Pour through a fine strainer to remove any chunky pulp. Toss pulp - keep the juice.
Finely chop 1/2 bunch of squeaky clean basil.
Stir basil into watermelon juice.

1 shot Bacardi rum
5 oz. Cucumber Blackberry LaCroix
Handful of muddled leaves
Fresh juice of 1/2 lime
Mix it all up & serve over a crushed ice.
Garnish with a berry & slice of lime.
Gorgeous, baby!


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