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Instructor Faves - Sports Bras + Workout Pants

This week we have several instructors weighing in on their favorite sports bras and workout pants - there’s so much to choose from out there we thought we’d give you some ideas on what to purchase next! 

Sports bras:


Forever 21
Shannon: Love this store for comfy and cute sports bras. And they fit my student budget, so that’s always nice.

Jodie:  Forever21 for my ForeverCs

Julianne Hough
Katie H: Have you seen Julianne Hough's new line?! She is my girl crush and I want to get this

blue tropics energy bra_copylululemon

This is obvi a huge one around here - but quality speaks for itself and Lulu makes a great product that will literally last you for years. And we've probably tested it all between us!

Brooke: Lighten Up Bra - it lifts what's there!! Probably not the best choice for a C cup or higher

Alex - I have no boobs so anything works for these post-breastfeeding, deflated balloons - I’ve always liked the Flow Y bra

Anne: Energy bra for high impact, Free to Be for low impact. My boobs are tiny but I like those suckers held in tight for high impact classes

Courtney: Lulu Free to be WILD! I have 3 different colors 

Jenny: Pro Indy series

Darby: The Pro Classic sports bra is my all time favorite. Great support for fuller chested girls and moisture wicking.

Amy H: Habit Former bra 

Francie: Full Force bra

Liz W: I stick with my Target C9 Champion sports's easy when you don't have much to bounce

Lindsay: Target has a new line of sports bras that I am loving, they are the Champion brand and are really the most comfortable sports bras I have found!

Becky: Target has the most amazing ones and for so cheap!

Amy I have big boobs, so I have to get ones with good support! Love the Double Dare bra


Shannon: I have a pair of their mesh crops that I love & wear all the time

Lorna Jane
Shannon: Love these, and especially that th pants are high-waisted


Flow and Go crops: Brooke, Erica, & Courtney as she says "pull everything in at all the right places"

Alex: Post baby, lululemon high rise Wunder Under are amazing! And I love their inspire pants - I find them super breathable and moveable.
Liz W: Wunder Under in the luxtreme fabric

Anne: I like high rise capris, like lulus flow and go crops for studio classes. For spin and running I like lulus speed crops.

Darby Lululemon Wunder Under Ziggy Snake crop. This comes in blue, black, red, and green... all options are absolutely fabulous and very flattering!
Shawna: athletic fit workout crop...made in the USA & hand embroidered in KC. They stay in place & are super comfortable.

Darby OBSESSED with the Manduka crop pant - loving the cute new navy/black leopard print.

And lastly ... even if you aren't wearing your clothes to workout ... you'll still look good at the grocery store