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Holiday Shopping with Your Favorite KC Brands!

Find lots of cute ideas for gifts (or even treating yourself) throughout the holiday season in KC. Read More


SheKC Lifestyle Checks out the Fusion Craze

See what the girls from SheKC thought about their Fusion workout! Read More


Fusion Fitness Mom + Baby Workout with Cella Jane

Check out our quick Fusion Fitness mom + baby workout with Cella Jane! Read More


Favorite Breakfasts from Fusion Instructors

One of the most popular questions we get from clients is, "what do you guys eat before a morning workout?" Nutrition can seem overwhelming at times with the vast amount of info out there, but when it comes down to it, it's easier than you think. Read More

WLBC 12-week Program Starts Monday September 18th!

Our extremely successful WLBC program is going back to basics & taking YOU with us.  Join Shawna as she recreates the 12 week journey towards health & fitness that brought her so much success 8 years ago. Read More

Fusion Bump 2 with Cella Jane Out Today!

We LOVED collaborating with fashion & lifestyle blogger Becky of to create our second prenatal workout video. Becky's been an avid Fusion Fitness client for a while now, and currently pregnant with her second baby, we're watching her adorable belly grow and keeping her on top of her fitness goals. Read More