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Fusion Bump 2 with Cella Jane Out Today!

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We LOVED collaborating with fashion & lifestyle blogger Becky of to create our second prenatal workout video. Becky's been an avid Fusion Fitness client for a while now, and currently pregnant with her second baby, we're watching her adorable belly grow and keeping her on top of her fitness goals. So we knew we had to create a new prenatal workout with her and Erica, instructor extraodinare, mama of three and our original Fusion Bump instructor!


So today's #WCW goes out to our guest post author, crazy-amazing, successful and inspirational Cella Jane blogger, and friend, Becky. 

Introduce yourself to the Fusion community: 

My name is Becky Hillyard. I am a wifey, mommy, blogger and Fusion fanatic. Most my days are spent either behind my computer, chasing my daughter around, or shooting for the blog around Kansas City. Oh and of course getting in my hour of Fusion every day!

How do you stay healthy being so busy? What’s your favorite healthy snacks/fitness tips? Share!

My tip is to keep your fitness routine lively and non-repetitive. Luckily, Fusion does that for me. I don’t have to think, I just go to class and work my ass off as they tell me to do. ;)

I usually workout 4-5 days a week doing Fusion classes or running.

I believe working out builds confidence. There’s something powerful in taking charge of your body, and pushing yourself to the limit. I love that feeling.

Favorite healthy snacks?

I love Kind Bars. I love a good clean juice or smoothie. I have some recipes on my blog or go to my local favorites and Unbakery.

Example of a healthy day's worth of eating?

The first thing I do when I wake up is drink a large glass of water, which helps me start my day out right. For breakfast I always have a Protein shake and oatmeal with fresh fruit. For Lunch I love eating big salads. I load it with veggies, nuts and avocados. Avocado toast and soup are also a favorite lunch. For dinner, my husband will normally grill and I stick to fish and veggies and quinoa or sweet potatoes. We also love making skinny tacos with shredded chicken and using lettuce cups in place of the tortilla.

Quick, easy, healthy recipe?

Skinny Burrito Bowls!

Ground Turkey – seasoned with cumin and garlic salt

Organic Black Beans

Whole Grain Brown Rice

Chunky homemade guac –a MUST!

Pico salsa

Greek Yougurt Ranch-favorite brand Archer Farms

Over a bed of lettuce.

Since a big focus of your blog is on fashion, (and since it's going to be 71 degrees this weekend!) What are your 5 must-have pieces for spring/summer?

Gladiator sandal – This sandal will go with everything.

Off-the-shoulder-blouse - This trend is super cute and flattering. Fusion friends, for all the shoulder work we do, you need to show them off.

Boyfriend Jeans - Slim-yet-slouchy and cropped, not rolled, is my favorite take on off-duty denim. Dress them up with a blazer and low-heeled pumps or down with minimal, flat sandals and a boho top.

Jumpsuit - They are cute and comfy. One and done!

Cut-off jean shorts - No matter what your specific taste, there are a few things you’ll agree are essential to a warm weather wardrobe: An all-purpose dress, a killer pair of sandals, and—of course—denim cutoff shorts.

Any other tips?

My other advice would be working out in the morning. There’s something about starting my day with sweating and pushing myself that really sets the day for me. My day just seems to flow better. I have more energy and I feel confident and fulfilled.

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