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WLBC 12-week Program Starts Monday September 18th!

Our original Weight Loss Boot Camp with Shawna is almost here - are you ready to take the first step to a lifetime of health?

12 Week WLBC with Shawna September 18th - December 8th

Meet Karline.

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Karline decided to make the leap of faith in trusting Fusion with her weight loss goals in April 2017 and found much more than her 30 pound loss.

"Fusion has completely revamped my lifestyle. I had a baby in October 2016. I, like many first time mothers, enjoyed the cravings that came along with pregnancy. Probably a little too much. Fast forward to April 2017. I had just gotten back from a little trip out of town with my husband for the first time post-baby. I was mortified at the photos of myself. I knew I was miserable but the photos confirmed it. My self-confidence has never taken such a hit. I needed to take back control of my body. I read testimonials from others who had done the WLBC and Amp Camp. (I am pretty sure I read EVERY single one). I happened to have THREE friends who had success with it. I felt this was a sign for me to take the leap. The Friday before the program started I asked my mother if she wanted to do it with me. She did! Having someone do it along side me was such a blessing. In those 6 weeks I realized, there is never a better day than today to start working toward something you want. If I would not have started in April I am not sure where I would be today. I am officially down 30 pounds since April 10th. The pounds do not matter as much now. I just remind myself often that my health and fitness."

Meet Katie.

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Katie found WLBC online and decided to give it a shot.

"I joined Fusion on a whim after finding the BootCamp program online because I knew I needed to do something extreme if I wanted to make a change. I didn't know anything about Fusion and everyone told me "you might want to try a few classes before you buy it, I heard it's really tough."

Well, they weren't wrong but I'm so glad I didn't take their advice! I can remember the first Fusion class I took, thinking to myself "I have never worked this hard (or sweat this much) in my life," ... and that feeling became addictive.

Fusion keeps me coming back because in every class I face mental and physical barriers but the feeling of accomplishment when you set back into child's pose, heart pounding, knowing you worked your hardest to overcoming those challenges is unlike any other.

Over the past months my weight loss has become minuscule compared to the changes I have made in my strength, mentality, and confidence. I know I am a better person today because of Fusion.

 Want to be our next testimonial?

Our extremely successful WLBC program is going back to basics & taking YOU with us. Join Shawna as she recreates the 12 week journey towards health & fitness that brought her so much success 8 years ago. Every year since, we have worked with hundreds of women to find their own health, fitness & best self. Our studios are full of regular clients that got their start here, by joining WLBC.
Who is it for?

Anyone with the desire to get fit. There is no "typical" WLBC client. Wherever you are, we will meet you there and help you find your best self, in the best way possible for YOU!  

What are the workouts like?  

We start with the basics & focus on form, strength & cardio. All workouts are designed to challenge you, at any level.
The first month, we work out 3x a week together.
Mondays + Fridays 5:30-6:30AM at OPRC
Wednesday evenings 6:40PM at OP Fusion 
After the 4th week, we drop the 6:40 PM class and still meet as a group on M&F at 5:30AM.

What else is included besides the workouts?
2 months of unlimited classes to ANY studio, ANY class
5 Fusion Fly (spin classes) and an intro to a Fusion Fly session
Weekly weigh ins (optional), accountability, group support, take home workouts and so much more. You will be surprised by how much you will gain as you get fit, healthy, and shed excess weight. 

Our primary focus is improving your health. In addition to kickstarting your fitness level, we will also be very focused on how you fuel your body. With the help of our Registered Dietitian, we will provide weekly meal plan suggestions & education on how to eat to lose weight AND be healthy.

If you are ready to make a commitment to finding your health, this program is for you. Feel free to contact Shawna at or 816-835-3451 to discuss if this program is a good fit for you.

WLBC is priced at $675 (including the unlimited classes & Fusion Fly classes)
2 payment options available:
Option 1: Pay in full at time of registration
Option 2: Pay $225 at time of registration & auto deductions of $225 will take place 30 days & 60 days from registration date.
(If you need additional options, please email Shawna)


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