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Fusion Is the Place to Be

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Why Tho?


“Why do you do Fusion?”

“What’s so great about that place?”

“Isn’t it just a gym for women?”

I’ve been asked these questions more times than I can count over the years. My firstthought is that clearly whoever is asking hasn’t yet stepped through the doors of the most unique and results-driven fitness studio in KC (ahem, ‘ in the wooorld’, said in Dr. Evil voice from the Austin Powers movie). The answer to the question “Why Fusion?” is one that I think deserves a substantial answer because this place and this community of what we affectionately call ‘The Sweaty Sisterhood’ has transformed so many bodies and lives over the past 10 years since it opened. It is a special place; the far reaching impact of what occurs day in and day out in these studios is nothing short of incredible. So, “WHY FUSION”?


The Method.


The creation of Fusion Fitness was a product of Darby Brender’s love affair with exercise and self care, her passion for helping women find and believe in themselves, and her laser focus on efficient training. Darby has found a way to meld together the most beneficial aspects of strength training, ballet, yoga, pilates, plyometrics, boxing, Tabata and HIIT training to create a modality unlike anything else, anywhere else. Fusion is in a category all its own, which is cool because we like to be different, thank you very much. Through many different class formats, the goal is always to develop a strong, lean feminine physique. In recent years we have expanded our studio classes to include Fusion Fly, a true cycle experience complete with the best beats, a disco ball and a lighted stage (yep-we like to party). Our latest creation, Drenched, is an entirely new hybrid class that incorporates heavier strength training, HIIT intervals, and muscle lengtheningmovements. Drenched has taken our clients to next level fitness, with a focus on form and technique. We are constantly coming up with new classes and new ways to reinvent ourselves so that our clients continue to see amazing results.


“Shock Your Body” is the Fusion motto. Day in and day out we seek to bring that to fruition through classes that are never the same. Rather than teaching classes that are passed down from a corporate curriculum and repeated over and over again, Fusion classes are uniquely & thoughtfully designed by each instructor with intention and purpose. Every exercise, sequence and series is created with the end of goal of muscle burn-out in mind. I can truly say that I am challenged and pushed in each class I take. I have learned to crave that space past comfortable where your muscles shake and your breath is short. It’s as if you can feel the refining fire lighting you up in those moments, changing you and creating deeper strength and beauty.


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The Vibe.


When you walk into a class, the music is pumping, there are neon signs of affirmation and positivity. Everywhere you turn, you’re encouraged to “Do more than exist” and be “Proud” of yourself and what your body is capable of. The energy is electric and there is an undeniable instant comradery between the women in class. You feel as if you are about to do something difficult and impactful; something that may just change your perspective as well as lift your booty an inch or two. Throughout class, the instructor pushes and motivates clients to find what they need during their workout. The verbal guidance is not only on form and muscle, but also on the principles of struggle, strength and how to push through to the next level. There is more to this place than sweat and sculpting. Powerful, intrinsic connection elevates us body and spirit. 


Want to know what’s exhausting? Competing with other girls, trying to meet standards, fitting molds, and judging your progress by comparing yourself to someone else!!! You don’t, and won’t ever, find these things in our studios. We celebrate each other, honor what makes us unique and encourage each other through an environment of support and positivity. What can I say? Strong, confident women don’t need to tear each other down to feel good. We walk in love. We WANT other women to grow and succeed. It’s refreshing and uplifting to share space with no competition. Our only competition is with the women we were yesterday; our end goal is to become the very best version of ourselves byworking a little bit harder each day.


The Reach.


If you have never exercised a day in your life, there is a place for you here. If you are an athlete who is looking to push the boundaries of your fitness, there is a place for you here. We have something for every type of body and fitness level. Fusion’s Weight Loss Bootcamp is a launching point for anyone just starting out in a fitness journey. This program offers accountability, guidance, support, and basic instruction in a group environment that is unlike any other. The incomparable Shawna Wright leads this program with an authentic tone that can only be used by someone who has walked the path before. She is the original WLBC success story and brings her experience and insight to this group year after year yielding incredible testimonies of success.


Amp Camp is an awesome option for anyone looking to amp up their fitness level (see what I did there?). In this well rounded camp we place an emphasis on the ‘why’ of a healthy journey. We focus on clean eating, strength and endurance, and a connection between body, mind, and spirit. The cornerstone of this program is associating success with how your body feels and finding a positive balanced path to your most fit self. I’m honored to lead Amp Camp with an occasional guest instructor in the mix to keep things fresh and new.


Every fitness level, every body type and age-you will find it here. 


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The Spirit.


Go ahead and check anything artificial at the door; I like to call it ‘mask off’ (cue Future track). This space is about authenticity. Over the years I have watched women work through some of life’s toughest battles in the arms of this community. There has been illness, loss, divorce, trauma, and immeasurable pain, but in this tribe of women there is eternally a soft place to land. There are always the smallest kindnesses, a hug, a card, or a meal - which mean so much to those struggling during a tough time. There are also big events and community connections that are deep at the heart of what we believe in: raising money for LLS, creating videos with Variety Children’s Charity, donating to local school auctions, doing fundraisers for clients & friends in need, and supporting local families through various outreaches.We support our tribe in any and every way possible, and there is no limit to the generosity of our Fusion family & clients.


“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” –Picasso. The meaning and purpose behind our vision at Fusion is to love our people well in all we do, in fitness and beyond. We seek to live this out in our team, our clients, and our community. I am proud to do life with women who focus on what they can give and how they can serve over how they look and how they are perceived. The joy of connecting with a likeminded soul is so beautiful, and the impact of many of those souls binding together is what creates an incredible life force that can change the world. I believe in this with my whole heart. Fusion is a vibrant tapestry of lives woven together in connection and intent. It is more than fitness (but we do that really darn well); it is a movement of women who choose happiness, love, and community together. Building the hottest bodies in town to house these beautiful souls is just an added bonus! 


That, my friends, is why Fusion.

 JosG-mainWritten with love by Your Sweaty Sister, Jos Gann




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