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Variety the Spice of Fitness

Our clients are always asking us what the ideal workout schedule looks like. For example, should you do 3 days of cardio and 2 days of more toning-focused classes? Is it best to hit the Fusion Fly studio once a week and add in Drenched for strength training every couple of days? The truth is that all of us are on our own unique fitness journey, so everyone’s ideal workout regime would look a little different. There are many different opinions about how to create the ideal combination of cardio, toning, and strength training in order to get the best results. The one fact that everyone seems to agree on is the importance of varying your workouts; the consensus is that in order for workouts to continue to be effective and yield results, they must be always changing. That phrase “always changing” almost sounds like a cliché, but in truth it is the actual cornerstone of what we do at Fusion. We were built on this premise. We are the originators and masters of the creative workout. Our class formats and schedule are intentionally created to ensure that our clients never have the exact same workout. You always have a variety of class options and instructors to choose from and combine in your own special way to create your very own “perfect workout schedule.” In order to educate you on how best to do that, we are giving you our ideas and opinions, with some science to back them up.

Let’s start out with a few thoughts from our fearless leader, Darby, who created Fusion Fitness and our method of teaching: “We communicate to our bodies through our exercise. It should be positive and fun, yet challenging! When we communicate in the same voice over and over again our body gets bored and stops responding. It is important to vary the way that we communicate to ourselves through exercise so that our body pays attention and responds. The tagline “SHOCK YOUR BODY” was created at the inception of this business because it is imperative to incorporate continual change into our work outs. This challenge of variety provides maximal results and safe, effective workouts.”
At Fusion, our focus is always on building a strong and feminine physique. We work out like women for a reason. Long, lean muscles and feminine curves are at the heart of all of our class formats. Some of our classes are more cardio focused, some strength, some toning-but you will find the same principals interwoven into every structure. Your heart rate will always be up, you’ll always find that deep “shake” in your muscles (I like to call it the inferno shake because that’s what it feels like!), and there will always be a lengthening component. This is the method that Fusion was built on. We reinvent ourselves over and over again as we create new class structures to keep you excited and keep your body effectively ‘shocked’ in the way only Fusion can.
Here’s a breakdown of our class categories:
Toning Focused-Barre, Fusion, Fusion Mix, BTW, YFS, Yoga
Cardio Focused-TnT, Cardio Core, BBC, Hustle Hiit, Fusion Fly classes
Strength Focused-Drenched
Recovery and Restoration- Yoga
What should your weekly class schedule look like? While there may not be one right answer, there is a lot of truth to the phrase “Routine is the enemy of progress.” Your body is incredibly intelligent and it catches on to what you are doing very quickly. If you always take Barre on Mondays and Wednesdays and Cardio Core on Tuesdays and Thursdays, your body is going to remember that after a couple of weeks and will become less efficient because it adapts. In technical terms, you reach a plateau because you are acclimating to repetitive training stimulus. (Hey, I warned you about the nerd talk!) You must constantly shake things up and shock your system to keep the results coming. Variety is key!
Another huge benefit to having variety in your workouts is the reduction in overuse injuries. Challenging your muscles in different ways dissipates the stress on joints and ligaments, allowing for recovery and the rebuilding of muscle fibers. Don’t be confused, if you are a Fusionista, you are absolutely an athlete. Fusion is your sport and you train for the next class. You must take care of that beautiful vessel of yours to keep you on top of your game day in and day out. Our resident physical therapist and incredible instructor Shannon O’Neill has this to say about the importance of diversity in workouts,
“In order to have healthy joints that last your whole life, you have to be smart and strategic about how you move. If you are not moving your body in all the directions it’s designed to move, your muscles will, in essence, “forget” how to move in that direction. Over time, you start to develop muscle imbalances (from compensations) which allows bone to rub on cartilage, and eventually result in pain and injury. Muscle memory is real-it’s the neurological connection between your brain and your body. Varying your workouts and how you move can help keep the connection strong. “
Intensity is another factor that should be switched up to keep your body responding. If you are going all out at your highest energy output 7 days a week, you inevitably will burn out, one way or another. Adrenal fatigue, insomnia, poor muscle recovery, and lack of appetite are all symptoms of overtraining. I always tell clients that “more is not better-better is better.”Hours of cardio or even steady heartrate work is literally just spinning your wheels. You need less intense work days, high intensity days, and recovery days to round out a full routine. The Fusion schedule allows for every type of class, seven days a week so you can adjust and readjust your program
As we are almost midway through the month and one of our favorite challenges, The October Blackout Challenge, please remember that the goal is to experience allthat Fusion has to offer. Trying a new instructor or a class out of your comfort zone is the whole point!  Each instructor has her own unique style of teaching; taking classes from a variety of instructors ensures that you are able to reap the benefits of ALL of these amazing women. The music, movements, and cues of an instructor that you haven’t gone to before may have you completing that inner thigh sequence with more muscle recruitment and efficiency than you have ever used. The motivation and spirit of a new personality that you aren’t used to being taught by may lead you to some fuller appreciation of your body and your health. Get out of your routine and shake things up! Your body and heart will thank you!



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