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Healthy Holiday Recipes

Christmas dishes that you can feel good about! Here are some delicious, healthier options to share with your friends and family this Christmas time, from our fabulous instructor Lauren. Read More


#TBT to When Fusion Started!

A little #tbt to the beginning of Fusion Fitness - why Darby decided to start this amazing community of women and how it was born! Read More

Holiday Accountability Weight Loss Boot Camp Blast

Starting Monday November 28th you can dedicate four weeks to YOU - stay on track of your health and wellness goals through the craziness of the holiday season! Read More

Seasonal Happiness

Raise your hand if you’re already feeling the need to hibernate! Now that 6pm feels like 9pm, missing the summer sunshine and extra hours of daylight can leave us all feeling a little gloomy and sluggish. Rather than letting it sneak up on you, we think it’s important to intentionally evaluate your healthy habits now to keep you smiling and energized over the upcoming winter months. Read More


Instructor Faves - Sports Bras + Workout Pants

This week we have several instructors weighing in on their favorite sports bras and workout pants - there’s so much to choose from out there we thought we’d give you some ideas on what to purchase next! Read More

Easy + Healthy + Delish Recipes

It can be overwhelming to think about eating healthy - we get it. So this week we've lined up some of our favorite recipes to get you the most bang for your buck in the nutrition AND taste departments. As long as you're mixing tons of real, fresh foods throughout your week, your body and brain will thank you for it, we promise. Read More

Claudia Remboldt - Our Warrior Client Beating Breast Cancer

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month so we sat down with Claudia Remboldt this week to ask her these things - because whether she knows it or not, her presence is an inspiration to so many of us in the studios. Read More


Healthy Snack Ideas From Fusion Fitness Instructor Lauren Murphy

This week we've got some yummy snack ideas and tips to keep your much needed snack sessions in check with foods to fuel your energy & satisfy your cravings. Our own Lauren Murphy is hooking us up with her best tips & easy, quick recipes for snacks to keep around. Read More


Fusion Fitness Cocktails Under 100 Cals!

Here are our favorite cocktails that follow our golden rule of *no sugary mixers* and are not only under 100 cals each, but they're also fun to make and pretty to sip on. Read More


Don't Be Salty - Reduce Bloating & Feel Better

Once in a while we all go a little overboard (pizza we will never leave you), but too much sodium overload (and the way your body has to work to get rid of it) adds up throughout the years to cause major damage and disease. Read More

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