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Seasonal Happiness

Raise your hand if you’re already feeling the need to hibernate! Now that 6pm feels like 9pm, missing the summer sunshine and extra hours of daylight can leave us all feeling a little gloomy and sluggish. Rather than letting it sneak up on you, we think it’s important to intentionally evaluate your healthy habits now to keep you smiling and energized over the upcoming winter months. Read More


Healthy Snack Ideas From Fusion Fitness Instructor Lauren Murphy

This week we've got some yummy snack ideas and tips to keep your much needed snack sessions in check with foods to fuel your energy & satisfy your cravings. Our own Lauren Murphy is hooking us up with her best tips & easy, quick recipes for snacks to keep around. Read More


SOS: Sweat Off Summer!

This week we’re calling out an SOS: time to Sweat Off Summer! September 1st is all about gearing up for fall and getting back into the grind of school, work, and goals! Here are 5 ways you can organize your thoughts, make a plan and get to #werk: Read More