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"I love this sisterhood that is constantly inspiring everyone to be the best versions of themselves, inside and out."

Cara joined the Fusion team after being addicted, as a client, to the "sisterhood that is constantly inspiring everyone around them to be the best versions of themselves, inside and out."  Following in the fitness-instructor footsteps of her mom, Cara points to "her decision to live a healthy and clean lifestyle" for the inspiration to do so herself. "The energy when you walk into a Fusion studio is like nothing I have experienced before," she says, "and I can always count on leaving with a smile on my face because of the enormous amount of support I receive from the Fusion community." Cara's classes are filled with fun moves, energetic inspiration and her favorite part ... the music. "What I like best is being in control of the jams flowing from the speakers. There is nothing better than getting your sweat on with some killer beats - and even though the workout is only 4% of someone's day, I have the ability to encourage them to spend that 4% out of their comfort zones, having fun and getting an amazing workout."

Current Favorite Jam?

Anything J.Cole



There is beauty in the struggle, sister


Guilty Pleasure?

Chips & espinaca


Fave Body Part to Work?

Oh for sure the a$$