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"We only have one body - why wouldn't you want to treat it like gold?"

A dancer for 20 years, Courtney has made fitness a priority in her life for one reason - "being fit makes me feel good, end of story. My mother has always been a healthy eater and exercise enthusiast," she says, and grew up with the attitude that "we are only given one body, and it is constantly working for us, day in and day out. Why wouldn't you want to treat it like gold?"
Falling in love with the energy and "community of women Fusion brings together," Courtney credits the classes with keeping her mentally sane. "I truly believe happiness is contagious. I like to spread my natural happiness across the room in each and every class. Often we take ourselves too seriously. We all are going to have our good days, and our better days. As long as women leave my class feeling positive about what they've accomplished, I've done my job."

Favorite Body Part to Work?

Back & shoulders 



Work hard, love deep & be happy


Guilty Pleasure?

Wine + peanut butter + ice cream = Bliss


Childhood Nickname?

Skortney - (I wore a skort every possible chance I could get)