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Studio Founder, Owner. “Everyone deserves to look and feel their best - we’ve only got one body and it’s so important to treat it with respect and kindness.”

The creator and owner of our amazing Fusion community, Darby loves teaching and taking classes every day. Building her own mix of cardio and unique toning moves to get the job done in just one hour, Darby still loves to pull out ‘old school Fusion’ in some of her classes to seriously focus on the core and creating long, lean muscle tone. Known for her loud, wild music and cool moves in the studio, Darby inspires clients to be healthier and better versions of themselves - focusing on how good it feels to move our bodies and get stronger with each class. “If we don’t challenge ourselves, we don’t change - Fusion is all about pushing past our comfort zones to see what lies beyond the walls we’ve built and are scared to climb over. That’s where our full potential gets sparked!”

Favorite Body Part to Work?

Triceps! The little unicorn muscle that could!  A toned tricep makes the whole arm look better. 


Favorite Place on Earth?

Whitsunday Islands, Australia & snuggling in bed with my kids and hubby - best place on earth! 


Guilty Pleasure?

20 minute afternoon Naps



Go Big or Go Home!