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Challenge your body like never before. Fusion studio classes provide a contagious and supportive energy that will challenge your physical limits and lift your mood to your most positive potential. Our ever-changing classes and one-of-a-kind technique will burn out your muscles, make your heart pump and shock your body with every workout. The results are addicting.



This powerful, quick-paced body sculpting class rapidly transitions through targeted sequences to elongate and tone your entire body. Our original creation, this class upholds high standards to challenge you beyond your limits.
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This high energy class creates a lean, firm, sculpted body. Our barre class is a combination of isolated muscle burnout and low-impact cardio. This effective combination is one of our original creations to shock your body!
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Cardio, Fusion, Barre Intensity, and a touch of bootcamp are combined into this power hour workout. Fusion Mix will keep your muscles guessing and your heart rate up for a sweat wrenching, sculpting session!



This no jumping, heart-pumping hour will alternate between no-impact aerobic cardio intervals and arm and ab toning sequences. Perfect for newbies or Fusion veterans looking to increase effectiveness and body awareness, this class will simplify choreography and hone in on form. This class will shock your body, expect to feel your hard work the next day!


This 45-minute class is a Hiit! Hustle your way through this high intensity interval training session. The perfect combination of cardio intervals, Tabatas, and muscle-specific toning will keep your heart rate guessing for max results.
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Punch, kick and burn your way through this hot and sweaty class. Throw down 30 minutes of heart-pumping cardio followed by 30 minutes of technique-driven toning.
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Our professional mix masters have created the ultimate workout formula! You will be drenched in sweat during this one hour elite body shaping & mind-blowing class. Our combination of 15 minute increments of Bikini Boot Camp, Fusion Mix, HIIT (high intensity interval training), and  Fusion promises to torch fat, tone muscles, and leave you in tip-top shape both mentally and physically.


This class is a blast as you hop back and forth between cardio sequences and toning moves at the barre. The muscle group focus is strategic to maximize your workout and to keep your mind and heart rate guessing all hour!


This yoga flow will help you strengthen and lengthen your entire body! In true Fusion style, your heart rate will be up and sweat will roll off your brow. You'll also get to restore and stretch, leaving you feeling energized and ready for your day!


Ease stress by centering your breath and body - aligning the physical and mental by practicing stillness and gentle movement. Restorative yoga calms and reduces stress and anxiety as well as increases circulation and improves flexibility.


Yoga Flow is a class available for all levels of practice. With a focus on the mind/body connection through breath-synchronized movement, this class offers a fun and challenging mix between alignment based yoga and a vinyasa style class. Modifications will be offered to accommodate all levels of practitioners.

Check out our full schedule here for additional classes offered!