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"I love creating sequences that challenge, flow and burnout muscle groups - especially when the music syncs just right."

Addicted to the positive, radiant atmosphere as a Fusion client, Gerilyn took the challenge to the next level of creating the classes she loved - those that focused on pushing harder and beyond personal limits. “Fusion makes us more beautiful inside and out and challenges us to be stronger - thanks to this I feel more and more grateful for my healthy, strong body everyday, and I love to help our clients feel the same way.” Check out Gerilyn for her great burnouts, muscle awareness and music!

Favorite Type of Exercise?

Plank work and cardio, cardio, cardio!


Favorite Place on Earth?

Rocky Mountains and Provence, France


Guilty Pleasure?

Foos Fabulous Frozen Custard, especially when Oreo's are involved



Life is short, laugh hard!