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"I love encouraging women to fight for health, NOT numbers."

A Texas girl who fell in love with KC, Jenn leads her energized and unique classes ("I love thinking of new & creative moves!") with a passion to help women create their best selves. "I love how fast-paced the classes are at Fusion - so intense and every workout here is TOUGH! The instructors push themselves and their clients so hard - and it's fun to teach in an environment where people are coming for the toughest workout in KC!" A big fan of high intensity cardio combined with elongating toning moves, Jenn is one of "those" girls that truly means it when she says she loves burpees. "I wanted to teach with the best, for the best," she says, and enjoys leading the intense classes she fell in love with as a client. "People in the Fusion community go out of their way to show support and encouragement for one another - it's a truly unique experience." Aside from kicking our buns during her studio classes, she is also a certified Wellness Couch, passionate about helping others make changes to live healthier lives.

Favorite Type of Exercise?



Favorite Place on Earth?

My back deck with my family


Guilty Pleasure?

Burger & fries... & maybe a milkshake



Comparison is the thief of JOY. Be YOU!