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"I'm in love with the mental and physical impact a Fusion class provides."

For years as a client, Julie loved the challenge and motivation she received by the amazing energy of each class - she knew what it meant to get the mental and physical benefits of a killer workout. Now as an instructor she's excited to be able to give that positivity to clients - challenging comfort zones and wanting clients to leave her classes feeling stronger and more confident.  A mom of three, Julie also gets the need for a full body workout in an hour - and an hour that people want to come back to. "I searched to find something that would help me WANT to prioritize my workouts in an already crazy day, and I fell in love immediately with the mental and physical impact a Fusion class provides. I always encourage clients to be present with their workout and make a commitment to being their best, focused, strongest self each and every class - we make the choice to show up. We have one hour to challenge ourselves. We do this to feel better! I love planning classes that flow quickly and easily and deliver complete muscle burnout. Good beats are also required!"

Best advice in class?

Make yourself proud because you made the choice to be here. Push yourself!


Fave Guilty Pleasure?

Give me all the chips and salsa



Wake up. Kick Ass. Be kind. Repeat.


Current Favorite Jam?

It changes often ... right now I'm loving the Chainsmokers