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"I love making eye contact with someone, seeing them dripping with sweat, shaking from fatigue, and STILL smiling."

A client for years, Katie was addicted to "the thing I love the most about Fusion - the energy in the rooms. When the mirrors steam up, sweat is pouring off people and the music is blaring…there’s nothin like it!" Using exercise to clear her mind and gain the mental strength to "tackle anything," she says another favorite about Fusion the community. "I used to be motivated by the physical side of fitness, but now I'm all about the mental side of it. I think when that changes for people, self esteem rises and the mirrors don't matter as much anymore." Katie loves being on both sides of the studio and takes classes as well as teaches them, gaining motivation from the hard work that goes into not only getting up in front of a studio of women, but the preparation of planning the classes, the perfect playslists and fun new moves to keep people excited. "But my absolute favorite part about teaching is making eye contact with someone and seeing them dripping with sweat, shaking from fatigue, and STILL smiling. It's the most fun job a girl can have!"

Fave Place on Earth?

Marco Island, Florida


Fave Fusion Class?

Is there a bad one? Love love love them all!



Leave people happier than you found them


Current Favorite Song?

Perm by Bruno Mars. And Telephone by Gaga - it never gets old to me!