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"Fitness helps us focus on our goals both on the mat and outside the studio - it is so important to our physical and mental health to be strong and in control."

Wanting to Shock Your Body for your physical and mental benefits, Katy is all about sharing the importance of using physical fitness to create stronger bodies, minds, and self discipline. "Being fit is so much more than fitting into a certain dress size," she says, and loves teaching, "hands down, the most difficult classes around," at Fusion. "When you're training your body to be stronger, it helps you stay focused on whatever goals you're working towards - our physical fitness results that come from dedication inspire success in the other facets of our lives." Striving to set a good example for her four children and using her teaching and coaching experience, Katy will push you farther than you think you can go and loves to see the smile on your face as a result - always encouraging you to keep on going. Katy stresses that from the "energy, commitment, and enthusiasm" of Fusion, clients can focus on each new day being better than the last and start to see amazing results from being committed to health.

Favorite Fusion Class?

Sweat Lab!


Favorite Place on Earth?

Skiing in the mountains with my family


Guilty Pleasure?

Popcorn and chocolate



Be the best version of YOURSELF every day.