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"I love being involved in the health journeys of others, and helping them learn to cultivate a sense of peace in their bodies, minds and lives."

Kristen's yoga journey began years ago as a stay-at-home mom to two young kids - her early morning yoga routine became her balance in life, on and off of the mat, and presented a new feeling of being present both to herself and in her relationships. Kristen decided to share this experience with others and began teaching in 2003. "I strive to provide supportive classes for students of all levels," she says, and continues her desire to share the peace she found in her own life from yoga. "I love being around the energy of women who work out at Fusion - it's such a dedicated and inspiring environment." Kristen continues to read, learn and share more about nutrition, yoga and holistic health as a way to keep herself and her students healthy, peaceful and balanced.

Guilty Pleasure?

Netflix binges


Favorite Body Part to Work?

Legs & hips



Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn!


Current Favorite Song?

These are Days by Natalie Merchant