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“The most exciting part of Fusion is meeting new people who are ready to change their lives - I want to pay it forward and let everyone know - you can do anything you want.”

Kristin’s Fusion journey started as a client in our Weight Loss Boot Camps. With over 100 pounds to lose she gave her entire heart to changing her life (“running through the finish line of my first triathlon while my son came up with his sign and ran through it with me was my most amazing moment”) - and now loves being a part of helping other women with similar goals. Her struggles, her accomplishments - she is an open book about it all and continues to reach out to women in our boot camps as well as teach her own Fusion Fly class- Kristin’s Journey Ride. Full of inspirational music to get hearts pumping and goal-setting in gear, clients get a weekly dose of knowing anything is possible - whether it’s a physical or mental challenge - with determination and making a choice to change.

Favorite Fusion Class?

How's a girl to choose?


Guilty Pleasure?

Two Buck Chuck Pinot Grigio - Treat yo'self!



I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday


Current Favorite Jam?

Anything by Brit Brit