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"The most beautiful thing a woman can showcase is self-confidence."

A personal trainer & nutrition coach, Lauren found Fusion's "purposeful and passionate community" a daily necessity as a client, and now loves being able to spread the same positivity as an instructor. "Our classes thrive on digging within ourselves to go past what we were last capable of - when we're constantly finding our new potential and proving to ourselves that we're able to break through any self-induced boundary, we get to constantly meet our better self." She plans her classes as a series of "intentional challenges to help clients experience perseverance, support, and success both in and outside of the studio. There’s something extremely empowering in being able to prioritize personal growth everyday. I truly believe our health is our biggest wealth."

Current Favorite Jam?

Anything Beyonce



Inhale love, exhale gratitude


Guilty Pleasure?

Honey roasted peanut & almond butter


Fave Fusion Class?

Fusion Mix & Hustle HIIT