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“I love helping people learn to appreciate and crave working out for more than just the calorie burn.”

Excited to share her love of fitness and helping clients achieve their goals, LIndsay loves to give clients a great workout during the hour they take for themselves each day. Being a part of helping clients let go of stress and focus on their own strength, she says, is pretty amazing. “There are few places where everyone walks through the doors, ready to give it their all. I love to take a moment in each class to just take in the energy of a group of people all working towards their best selves.” When encouraging new clients or goal setting, Lindsay compares gaining strength to running a marathon. “If you focus on the finish line the minute you start, it’s too overwhelming. You take it mile by mile, goal by goal, and focus on small successes. Whether it’s one more push up or 5 more reps, it all adds up if you keep on going.”

Favorite Type of Exercise?

Running, burpees and push ups!


Favorite Place on Earth?

Keystone, Colorado


Guilty Pleasure?

Nelly and wine!


Favorite Motto?

Never let it rest until your good is better, and your better is your best!