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"Fusion is family, friends, a safe space to laugh, cry, and work harder than you ever thought you could before."

"Fitness is my therapy. It fuels me, it strengthens me to overcome hurdles, and it relaxes and resets me, reminding me not to sweat the small stuff and that you're only as strong as you want to be." Teaching for several years and growing up a ballet dancer, Meghann is a huge proponent of good body mechanics, giving constant attention to proper alignment in class. "If you can get the foundation correct it is astounding how different your muscles can look, how many more reps you can complete, how much better your body feels. This, along with giving my clients a moment for themselves, an hour of a good sweat, and a place where they can bring all their baggage to just let go of all of it, is why I love teaching." Asked what she loves about teaching at Fusion, she'll tell you she's been to countless other studios across the states and she's never found anything quite like Fusion. "Teaching at Fusion is not only an opportunity to share my background and experience with fitness, but it is a place for creativity, stress release, and freedom to be yourself. Everyone is willing to learn from one another because it will only make us better, and our clients in return. It doesn't get better than that."

Guilty Pleasure?

Vintage Chanel


Fave Body Part to Work?

Inner and outer thighs - who doesn't pine over a strong sexy set of stems!



Be so strong that nothing, nothing, can disturb your peace of mind.

Fave place on Earth?

I've been to Fiji, and I still think I can't fall for any place harder than La Jolla, CA