About Fusion


If you've never been into our studios, get ready to experience your new favorite hour of the day.

We work hard to provide intense, results-driven classes that promise to Shock Your Body and help you work towards your healthiest, strongest self.

In addition to our classes 7 days per week, we also offer Weight Loss Boot Camps and AmpCamps, Nutrition Counseling and a community of like-minded women to support you in your goal of taking care of your body - we are passionate about helping you succeed!
For Your First Visit

You'll want to bring a towel, yoga mat and water bottle to every class - if you forget your mat we do have them to rent for $2 and also have towels and water bottles for sale. Here are a few tips for your first visit - we can't wait to meet you! 

Create an account online so you can provide your information, sign the online waiver and make your reservation for your first class. If you do this beforehand, it will make your first visit check-in process quicker and ensure you have a spot in class! We do take walk-ins for every class if we have the room - but we do fill up for several classes so we'd rather you be safe than sorry! We also recommend reservations in our childcare which we are pleased to provide - your kiddos will be loved on while you get in an hour for yourself. Simply add your name to the childcare roster listed at the same time as the class - you can add your name for however many children you'll be bringing to make the reservation (be sure to note our discounted 10-pack of childcare credits!)

We recommend a Fusion, Barre, or A-List (low-impact cardio - great for beginners or those looking to modify moves while still getting an excellent cardio burn) for your first visit, although you are welcome to do any of them! All of our classes will give you a full-body workout guaranteed to make you sweat and make your body feel amazing - the classes listed on the schedule with "wear sneakers" will be more high-intensity and impact cardio, and the ones without sneakers will focus more on toning. We have three locations - all studio classes are offered at all three, and we also have Indoor Cycle classes at Fusion Fly - our cycle studio inside of our 80th and Metcalf Overland Park location. You can read our full list of class descriptions here.

In all classes, feel free to modify moves and go at your own pace - as long as you are challenging yourself and pushing beyond your comfort zone, you are doing it right. All of our classes are for YOU - we recommend trying a variety of classes and instructors to find your favorites, and also trying something new each week! Our bodies love a good challenge and mixing up the types of workouts you're doing along with your instructor ensures you will continually Shock Your Body. We use a variety of equipment which will be listed on a whiteboard in the studio - if at anytime the equipment feels too heavy or cumbersome, feel free to do the move without it until you're ready to try it again later. We always say when you're ready to quit, do 5 or 10 more reps and then take a break and come back stronger! You can read testimonials from our clients here - our community is all ages, all fitness levels and all people geared towards strengthening their bodies and minds. 

Please arrive at least 10 minutes early so we can get to know you, introduce you to your instructor and help you set up your spot. Just stop at the front desk when you get to the studio so we can check you into class and get you ready to go.

We have a variety of membership options from single classes to yearly memberships - be sure to check out our two New Client Specials, Student and Teacher Rates and our discounted yearly rates that include being a part of our VIP program, Fusion365.

We have more FAQs here, and if you have any other questions please email us at hello@fusionfitness.com. We look forward to sweating with you!