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"You have to love yourself first before everything else can fall into place - fitness is a huge part of overcoming challenges, building self confidence and forming a healthy relationship with your body."

From her very first class where she experienced “a challenge like no other group fitness class I’d ever experienced,” Pam knew Fusion would be her fitness home as both a client and instructor. After years of teaching fitness classes Pam has developed a vast knowledge of physical movement and her body awareness is superb. Focusing on proper form and alignment in all of her classes, clients get a total body workout, a cardio challenge, and even a little life motivation thrown in for extra goodness. “Fitness isn’t about fitting into a certain size. It’s about setting challenges for yourself and overcoming them, getting better each day and feeling good inside. The outside will naturally follow what you’re doing on the inside.”


Work Hard, Be Kind...That is All


Childhood Nickname?

String Bean


Guilty Pleasure?



Current Favorite Jam?

Anything Pitbull!