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"Every person is uniquely awesome, but sometimes people need a little push to have the courage to share their awesomeness."

Shannon's love for yoga and fitness started in college when she became immediately hooked on the changes she was seeing in her new practice - not only in her body physically, but also in her energy levels, mood, and sleep. She was so inspired by her own changes that she decided to start teaching and share the positive effects with others. "It became so much a part of my life that I turned around my career plans and am now in physical therapy school to learn how to optimally move the body - it's completely integrated my whole life." She loves the high energy of Fusion and how "everyone seems to be pushing themselves to be their best," which is another passion she infuses into her classes. "I tell clients to look to themselves for inspiration - it's not about wanting to look like the instructor or the woman next to them - it's all about YOU and trying to make YOU better so you can give to the world in your own unique little way."

Current Favorite Jam?

So. Good. by Johnny Stimson - look it up, it's So. Good.



Work hard, but don't take yourself too seriously


Guilty Pleasure?

Ice cream, Game of Thrones, naps


Fave Body Part to Work?