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ELEVATE YOUR FITNESS to the next level with Sweat Lab, by Fusion Fitness. Challenge your body like never before with an unmatched intensity. Crush your goals by discovering a strength found deep within, found only by the motivation of women around you, all working to be better, stronger, healthier.


Our music-blaring, sweat-dripping, heart-pounding atmosphere creates a dynamic energy beyond expectation. Passionate instructors ignite an unmatched intensity and determination to go harder, push past comfort zones and find your inner warrior.


Making every second count through continuous movement. Our trademark combination of compounded exercises, isolated movement and cardio intervals gives the body no choice but to respond to the workout.


Through physical exhaustion and muscle burn-out we build mental strength and gratitude for our health. We are passionate about uplifting our clients in a shared purpose to becoming our most positive, present selves.

8-week Workout + Nutrition Plan For Your Strongest, Sexiest Body

• 8 new videos created exclusively for Great in 8
• Weekly meal + workout plans designed for maximum results
• Weekly grocery lists and recipes
• Private Facebook Group with bi-weekly live events
• Group Accountability and Community 

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 give you the ability to create your own Sweat Lab at home! 30-60 minute body-specific workouts to maximize heart-rate, calorie-burn and muscle burn-out in the most efficient way possible. Buy the DVDs or subscribe to our Unlimited Monthly Subscription that includes all 19 titles!

Our newest video set, a
vailable as a DVD 6-pack or in our Unlimited Monthly Subscription

Six 30-minute DVDs body-specific workouts you can tailor to your create your own workout. Arms, Abs & Buns + three full-body cardio workouts.