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"The instructors continually encourage us to work hard, make healthy choices, and above all be confident in our own skin. Even my husband has started to notice me being happier with myself both inside and out!" Christina, 25

Recently moving from Florida to KC about 7 months ago for my husband’s job, seeing not only snow for the very first time but enduring one of the coldest winters ever, I assumed that my fitness was only going to plummet. I have been an avid long-distance runner and longtime competitive gymnast I was always pretty athletic. Training for the Boston Marathon unfortunately gave me an ugly overuse injury to my right hip and I knew something needed to change. I couldn’t find any full body workout remedy to replace or even provide me with better results than long distance running. I tried hot yoga, road racing, cross fit, you name it…Nothing clicked and the energy of the studios never kept me coming back. I thought running was the only answer.

As I started to settle into KC I began to Google fitness studios. The first on the list was this place called Fusion Fitness. I remember to this day sitting in my desk at work thinking to myself, “wow this place looks too good to be true.” I remember reading all the bios of the instructors and thinking these are great role models for women – but let’s see how the workout is.  After several days passing and continually lurking around the website trying to desperately find something wrong that would give me any reason not to go (could not find one thing ; )) I finally went. My first class was a Fusion 50 class and I fell in love instantly.

Walking into the studio for the very first time I was completely blown away. My first glance was…“what the hell are these glider things?” and “what kind of studio is packed on a Friday evening?” For the past 2 months I haven’t been able to walk straight from being so sore and getting my butt kicked every time! I was working muscles I didn’t even know existed. After going to 4-5 fusion classes a week for several months my confidence started to increase. My husband started to notice that I was happier in myself and actually started to feel more secure on the inside. Each instructor encouraged me to continue to work hard, make healthy choices and above all be confident in my own skin. Thank you Fusion Fitness. You have changed my life for the better and I am blessed that I found a place that helps me become a better version of ME.