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"When I started I was a long distance runner - I could run 15 miles but probably not even do a pushup - and I went from coming to class once or twice a week to nearly everyday. I love being a good example for my 4 children and being a part of this family. My husband even comes with me now!" Christy, 38

I came to Fusion almost 3 years ago after encouragement from my friend Erica who teaches there. I had just had 4 babies in 4 years and fitness was on the back burner for me. I had been active all my life, sports and ballet in high school and even dancing in college. After college I started running and finished a handful of marathons and half marathons. I went back to running after my 4th baby was born and it just wasn’t cutting it for me. I lacked the motivation to get up early and run and it was not much of a break to take a double stroller and our dog on my runs!

I never thought Fusion was for me, it seemed like I wasn’t “fabulous” enough for it and didn’t have the right workout clothes (I was a runner, I wore gym shorts and race t-shirts!). When I found out Erica taught there, it interested me because here she was, pregnant with her 3rd baby and in fabulous shape! I remember standing on the soccer fields while our boys were playing saying to her, “I can run 15 miles but I probably can’t do a push up,” and she told me to come give it a try. I started slowly going maybe 2x a week and pretty soon was coming 3-4 and now on a good week I am there 5-6 times a week. At first I didn’t understand how anyone could take 5-6 classes a week but I look forward to my 5:30am Monday class with Darby and my 6am Tuesday with Erica. It starts my week right and it is my happy place.

I love how I feel after a workout and I love being a good example to my 4 children. Especially my daughter – I want her to see her Mom as strong, healthy and happy. Since my slow start, I have now participated in an Amp Camp, gone on the Fusion Fiesta Trip to Mexico, completed the 30 in 30 challenge and consider myself a Fusionista! My husband has also starting coming to Fusion Fly and we make Fly with Your Guy classes our dates every now and then. Aside from the amazing workouts and the change I have seen in my body, I have made some really great friends, reconnected with old friends and can’t imagine not having a place like Fusion.