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"I have tried every class at the "it" gym in NYC - the ones you read about in the magazines that celebs like Gwyneth, Taylor, and Cameron frequent - and not ONE has come close to matching Fusion." - Jackie, 27

When I made the move to NYC in April I was really sad to leave Fusion and nervous about finding something like it, but I figured it’s the big City, there has to something like it, if not a lot of things like it. WRONG.

I have lived here going on six months now and belong to the “IT” gym so-to-say as well as … Classpass, a “pass” you buy online that gives you access to 10 classes a month (sometimes unlimited, I’ll save you the explanation) to the boutique classes that usually run around $35 a class. I have tried every class at the “it” gym and over 40 or so of the boutique classes, the ones you read about in the magazines, that celebrities like Gwyneth, Taylor, and Cameron frequent, and not ONE has come close to matching Fusion. None of them push me like Fusion did and challenge me to push myself past my comfort zone. Here they always tell you to modify instead of challenging yourself to see what you are capable of. Many times I have to do two or three classes in a row to get in the equivalent of one Fusion work out. Plus I don’t even want to tell you how much I’m paying a month for Classpass on top of the gym, let’s just say a $100 for a month unlimited at Fusion is the steal of the century! So if anyone ever complains about the price of Fusion, just direct them my way!

While the classes lack the intensity and cardio/toning/burning combination that Fusion provided, they mostly lack the amazing trainers that Fusion has. I’ve never had an instructor even come close to matching the intensity of a Fusion instructor (or with as good as beats!). I didn’t realize just how much time and effort the instructors really put into each of their classes until I got up here and most of the classes teach one routine for the entire month before switching it up! Blasphemy!

This isn’t to complain about the classes in NYC. In reality they are wonderful classes, with great instructors, but Fusion is just something that is so truly unique and special that I hope the ladies of KC truly appreciate what they have. It’s not just a great place in KC, but it has to be one of the greatest places in the country, and I truly mean that.