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"Before Fusion I had taken one or two spin classes and hated them - I came to my first Fusion Fly class thinking I was in shape (I work in the fitness world) but was completely surprised by the amazing challenge that pushed me beyond my limits (and brought back memories of my college athlete days." Scott, 35

So why do I love Fusion? Well my story is more about motivation and being in a positive environment. Exercise and fitness have been a big part of my life since I was in middle school, and I even work in the fitness industry today. I needed a change in my exercise routine and needed to do something different. My good friend Annie suggested I come in and take the noon spin classes on tue and thur for one week just to try it out. Before this I had taken maybe 2 spin classes my entire life and had never really liked them. So I showed up on a Tuesday thinking I was in good shape and when the class was over I knew I had found an awesome place for me to go to get pushed beyond my limits and leave feeling better about myself and my life.

I never knew 3-lb dumbbells could feel like giant boulders and I literately had to sit in my car for 15 min after class just to feel normal again. I also think both my arms cramped up from the push-ups at the end of class as well, but I pushed myself to that limit. Everyone’s limit is different and you push yourself to where you want to go, for me to be challenged again like Joscelyn did was a rush that I have not felt in a long time. Even though If felt like I was dying and my muscles and lungs burned I was happy mentally and emotionally. Joscelyn hooked me, and I’ve been going every Tuesday and Thursday since. It gets me off the boring treadmill and gives me some variety from my other exercise routines.

I have also noticed that Fusion Fitness is just a great place to go to be surrounded by positive and motivating people. Just being in this environment for a few hours a week really does make a difference on how I feel and helps me stay motivated on being a more positive and happier individual.