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"I love educating people about the importance of body alignment and breathing in sync to movement."

Wendy’s unique style of yoga is all about BALANCE! Using her 15 years of yoga practice as inspiration, Wendy has created her own signature blend of yin and yang by combining traditional Vinyasa Yoga with challenging mindful cardio movements. The result is the ultimate balance of strength and flexibility. After spending years as a cardio junkie, an injury forced Wendy to slow down, modify, and pay more attention to what her body needed. "Recognizing and honoring what my body needs on any given day has actually been incredibly beneficial for me. Being able to get in tune with your body allows you to adjust your workouts according to what will benefit you most.” Wendy’s passion for “educating people about the importance of body alignment and the power of breathing” benefit clients long after the class is over. A Registered Nurse, and anatomy geek with bilateral hip replacements has increased her awareness of focusing on proper form, and working WITH your physical limitations rather than against them. Wendy believes that mixing up your workouts, along with respecting your body’s capabilities, are the keys to success! “Too much of anything isn’t good for you, which is why I believe the magic formula is all about finding the perfect balance that’s right for you.” Knowing the many benefits that yoga has provided for her, both physically and mentally, Wendy feels strongly that yoga is an essential component to any workout regimen. “Yoga affords you the opportunity to strengthen your body, quiet your mind, and appreciate all you’re capable of.”

Favorite Fusion Class?

The good old original Fusion!


Fave Body Part to Work?

My spine


Guilty Pleasure?

Eucalyptus steam shower for like 45 minutes!


Fave Place on Earth?

Lying in bed, spooning with my hubby